The Exponential Age – Adoption PART I

Published on: October 28th, 2021

The collapse in the cost of computing power enabled by the emergence of Cloud Computing followed by Edge Computing, has led the way to the Big Data era. 5G will be next. Meanwhile, satellite deployment is going exponential too. Artificial Intelligence is running along the same logarithmic curve. Strap in and enjoy the ride.


  • JK
    John K.
    28 October 2021 @ 21:00
    Thankyou Raul, you stimulated me to think of what is the base layer that drives "the exponential age"? Do you think it is the exponential World population growth, with widespread education, therefore exponential growth of high iq humans?
  • sL
    scott L.
    28 October 2021 @ 22:28
    Thanks Raoul. You should definitely participate in Peter Diamandis's Abundance conference Q1. His "How you know we're in 2022" annual presentation, and the quality of his presenters (including David Sinclair) will blow you away. Best money I spend every year (besides my RealVision subscription...of course!)
    • AT
      Aleem T.
      31 October 2021 @ 14:05
      Thanks Scott. Appreciated.
    • sL
      scott L.
      30 October 2021 @ 13:23
      Aleem, i have the digiral membership which is a few grand per year. Mainly do this for the three day annual event which ot allows you do view on-line. You also get access to a year’s worth of interviews as wellas the on-line community
    • AT
      Aleem T.
      29 October 2021 @ 06:01
      Hi Scott. Which membership level do you reccomend?
  • AM
    Alex M.
    28 October 2021 @ 23:27
    Slide 12 on the energy sources is confusing, the wedge from coal stays the same, while gas increases. While these projections are probably closer to reality, the Net zero 2050 on slide 13 won’t be achieved by this fuel mix.
  • SS
    Shane S.
    29 October 2021 @ 04:50
    some recommendations of late required accounts that can take some time to open (re Rally, Chillz & ETH Call options). Is there a way to inform us ahead of time? My Deribit account is still being verified since the day of the recommendation. Understand this isnt always practical but where possible would be handy.
    • SS
      Shane S.
      29 October 2021 @ 04:52
      and I should add, many thanks for the recommendations. I could not be happier otherwise.
  • EB
    Earl B.
    29 October 2021 @ 13:25
    For Green Energy chart, for the renewables can you breakdown hydroelectric from, wind, solar and other? Hydro is currently majorly with limited growth potential. It begs the question is it realistic to forecast extreme growth in solar and wind? Lots of limitations for this inefficient energy source?
    • IO
      Igor O.
      31 October 2021 @ 10:50
      I doubt share of nuclear will stay the same, as per chart.
    • MH
      Michael H.
      30 October 2021 @ 14:32
      I agree. I expect they'll fall out of favor after widespread power shortages and nuclear will take on a much larger role.
  • LL
    Ludovico L.
    30 October 2021 @ 10:34
    Many thanks for the analysis Raoul. On page 10, second slide re patents, there are 10 data line inputs but only 8 side references, please can you advise who are the other two coloured data lines?
  • RR
    Raj R.
    6 November 2021 @ 23:47
    Excellent analysis!