An invitation for Real Vision Pro members…

The macro event
been waiting for

April 4 — 6, 2022

April 5 — 6, 2022

The Fairmont Grand
Del Mar
San Diego

An invitation for Real Vision Pro members…

The macro event
been waiting for.

April 4 — 6, 2022

The Fairmont Grand,
Del Mar,
San Diego

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An Event of Real Vision Rock Stars, for Real Vision Rock Stars

On April 5 and 6, 2022, Real Vision Pro members, the Blacklist, and Real Vision’s legendary guests came together in San Diego to nerd out on macro.

Why macro, why now?

The macro regime is shifting and choppy waters lie ahead. We put together a group of thoughtful, sharp, like-minded people together to figure out what the hell is going on, and what might be coming next…

“If The Takeover was Coachella for crypto, The Macro Experience is like a secret underground gig with all your favorite rock stars up close and personal. Oh, and you need a password to get in…!”

— Raoul Pal

“The timing for this event is spectacular — I think we’re in for a wild ride for the rest of 2022, with a poor market return environment overall and yet, lots of opportunities in a shifting macro environment. Can’t wait to dig into it with everyone.”

— Julian Brigden

The Experience

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Call them the OGs, GOATs, or All-Stars — the guests who have become Real Vision rock stars through their killer analysis and sharp calls. There were people like Mike Green, Raoul Pal, Julian Brigden, Mish Schneider, and many more.

Virtual Event Agenda

*Seriously – it doesn’t get any better than this. Save your spot now.

The Rock Star Speakers...

Founder & CEO GMI
& Co-Founder & CEO Real Vision

Co-Founder & President
MI2 Partners

Former Economic Advisor to President George W. Bush
& Partner at Monaco Foundry

Portfolio Manager and Chief Strategist
Simplify Asset Management

Director of Trading Education & Research

Founder & CIO
HonTe Advisors

The Daily Dirtnap LLC

Hedge Fund Telemetry

Bianco Research LLC

Santiago Capital

Performance & Strategy Advisor
ReThink Group

Mutiny Fund

Maggie Lake

Senior Editor & Host
Real Vision

Aspen Trading Group

MI2 Partners

TG Macro

Managing Editor & Senior Host
Real Vision

RTM 3/RTM Capital

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Raoul Pal

Real Vision, Co-Founder & CEO

Raoul Pal is the Co-Founder and CEO of Real Vision, the world’s pre-eminent financial media platform, which helps members understand the complex world of finance, business, and the global economy. Real Vision members also have access to Real Vision Crypto, a cryptocurrency and digital assets video channel watched by over 235,000 people. 

In addition, Raoul has been publishing Global Macro Investor since January 2005 to provide original, high quality, quantifiable and easily readable research for the global macro investment community hedge funds, family offices, pension funds and sovereign wealth funds. It draws on his considerable 31 years of experience in advising hedge funds and managing a global macro hedge fund. Global Macro Investor has one of the very best, proven track records of any newsletter in the industry, producing extremely positive returns in eight out of the last twelve years.

He retired from managing client money at the age of 36 in 2004 and now lives in the tiny Caribbean island of Little Cayman in the Cayman Islands. Previously he co-managed the GLG Global Macro Fund in London for GLG Partners, one of the largest hedge fund groups in the world. Raoul moved to GLG from Goldman Sachs where he co-managed the hedge fund sales business in Equities and Equity Derivatives in Europe. In this role, Raoul established strong relationships with many of the world’s pre-eminent hedge funds, learning from their styles and experiences. Other stop-off points on the way were NatWest Markets and HSBC, although he began his career by training traders in technical analysis.

Julian Brigden

Macro Intelligence 2 Partners, Co-Founder & President

Julian Brigden is the Head of Research at Macro Intelligence 2 Partners, a firm he co-founded in 2011. He leads a six-person team of research and market professionals to publish independent macroeconomic research that is both ahead of market consensus and timely. Julian has over 30 years of experience in financial markets including positions in market and policy focused consulting to institutional investors as well as FICC sales.

Julian is a trusted advisor to many top money managers who use MI2 Partners’ research to guide their investment process. He has extensive experience with macro data analysis, broad fixed income, equity market (not individual stocks) and currencies. He is particularly skilled at exploring correlations in the economy and financial markets vital to a vast array of investment decision-makers. As a global macro strategist, Julian’s primary focus is understanding and explaining macroeconomic and policy-related developments to tell clients what is important in markets and what to fade.  

When asked about his market outlook for 2022, Julian stated that the US policy response was massive. As a result, the economy has closed the output gap and is in danger of overheating. Together with inflation, Julian believes that this means the Fed needs to rapidly tighten policy while slowing growth. As rates rise and the balance sheet shrinks, the risks to very overvalued asset prices, especially stocks, will rise. He then stated that in Europe, as the impact of Omicron fades and the inventory cycle surges, the ECB will need to raise rates, which will add to the pressure in global bond markets.   

With regards to market shifts and the issues he feels are not addressed in the media, Julian mentioned that there is a significant risk that we are entering a period of extended volatility. The most analogous period was in the late 1960s, when we saw greater economic and market cyclicality. As foreign interest in Treasuries has waned, he believes that the current US account deficit has been funded via purchases of equities. Thus, if US equities do correct, it could put considerable pressure on the dollar. With this in mind, Julian says that the MI2 Research team will continue to advise clients to be short-fixed income in the US and Europe, together with high yield credit. Finally, they have suggested being long volatility in a few places.

Julian spent five years at Medley Global Advisors from 1999 to 2004, a leading macro policy intelligence firm, as the Managing Director of the G7 Client Team, providing timely trading recommendations. From 2004 to 2011, he served as North American Head of Hedge Fund Sales at Crédit Agricole. He has worked in London, Zurich, New York and Vail at UBS, Lehman Brothers, HSBC, Drexel, Credit Suisse, and Salomon Brother in foreign exchange and precious metals.   Throughout his career, he has been featured on many big media outlets such as Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox News Business, Real Vision, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Barron’s. Discussing macro research topics that are driving prices in global bonds, equities, commodities, and currencies.

Dr. Pippa Malmgren

Partner Monaco Foundry, Former Economic Advisor to President George W. Bush

Dr. Pippa Malmgren is a former Presidential Advisor, Chief Currency Strategist, and Deputy Head of Global Strategy for global banks.

She has been nominated for the National Technology Awards in 2020 and named a Most Influential Woman in Tech by AccelerateHer and We Are Tech Women. She is also a best-selling author of award-winning Books including: Geopolitics for Investors (2015), Signals: How Everyday Signs Help Us Navigate the World’s Turbulent Economy, a crowd-funded best-seller (2016), and The Leadership LAB: Understanding Leadership in the 21st Century (2018) a bestseller which was an FT Business Book of the Month and named Business Book of the Year and Best Book on Leadership in 2019.

She gave the commencement addresses at the London School of Economics in 2013 and 2016 and lectures at Sandhurst, INSEAD, Duke Fuqua Global Executive MBA. She has also lectured at U Texas Austin and Tsinghua University. Makes regular appearances as a guest anchor on CNBC and a commentator on the BBC including The Today Program, Newsnight, Hard Talk, and on Monocle Radio.

Mike Green

Simplify Asset Management, Portfolio Manager and Chief Strategist

Michael has been a student of markets and market structure, for nearly 30 years. His proprietary research into the shift from actively managed portfolios and investment funds to systematic passive investment strategies has been presented to the Federal Reserve, the BIS, the IMF and numerous other industry groups and associations.

Michael joined Simplify in April 2021 after serving as Chief Strategist and Portfolio Manager for Logica Capital Advisers, LLC.  Prior to Logica, Michael managed macro strategies at Thiel Macro, LLC, an investment firm that manages the personal capital of Peter Thiel. Prior to Thiel, Michael founded Ice Farm Capital, a discretionary global macro hedge fund seeded by Soros Fund Management. From 2006-2014, Michael founded and managed the New York office of Canyon Capital Advisors, a $23B multi-strategy hedge fund based in Los Angeles, CA, where he established their global macro strategies, managing in excess of $5B of exposure across equity, credit, FX, commodity and derivative markets.

In addition to his work as a market theorist and portfolio manager, Michael has been noted for his work as a public speaker and financial media participant. He is a graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a CFA holder.

Mish Schneider

MarketGauge Group, Director of Trading Education & Research

Mish received an MS in special education from Long Island University. She started her career as an educator with the developmentally disabled, and later went on to become an inclusion specialist, modifying curriculum so that all kids can access the general education classroom. With a passion for education but a desire for bigger pastures, Mish sought out her own financial education by joining the floor of the New York Commodities Exchange. 

Early in her trading career, Mish honed her skills while working for major firms like Continental Grain and Conti-Commodities. Later, she traded as one of the only women on the floor of the Coffee Sugar and Cocoa, NYMEX and FINEX exchanges. During her time as a floor-trader, Mish became an expert analyst by developing her own strategy encompassing technical charting and analysis, risk controls, and megatrends. 

After over 30 years of experience teaching and trading, Mish has garnered tremendous attention due to her frequent media appearances as an expert-analyst on popular networks such as Fox News, Bloomberg, CNBC Fast Money, Yahoo Finance, TD Ameritrade and many more. Mish is known for her adept market timing, allowing her to recognize emerging trends weeks before other market analysts even pick up a whiff of the action. 

For the last 12 years Mish has combined her passions for teaching and trading to be able to create educational courses for traders, and her own discretionary trading service with MarketGauge. She calls on her vast education experiences to help everyone from beginner traders to seasoned professionals access and comprehend the global markets. Mish’s achievements have been recognized by being invited to speak at major financial forums and events. In 2020, Mish was the first woman trader to present at China’s Bogu Forum, a prestigious lineup of macroeconomists and investors. In 2018, Mish was awarded the RealVision’s 2018 Top Stock Pick of the year for identifying an emergence in the 3D-printing space before anyone else. 

Today Mish continues to publish trading educational articles and videos, on top of her constant media appearances. She continues to serve as a mentor to women in finance and to up-and-coming traders everywhere. Mish is also in the process of writing a second installment to her best-selling book Plant Your Money Tree: A guide to Growing Your Wealth.

Alex Gurevich

HonTe Advisors LLC, Founder and CIO

Alex Gurevich is the Founder and CIO of HonTe Advisors, LLC. Alex has been involved in trading for over 20 years; holding various roles on Wall Street that included the launch of fixed income derivative trading franchises as well as running the macro book at JP Morgan. More recently, Alex has transformed his very successful family office into a global macro strategy suitable for institutional investors.

He is the author of The Next Perfect Trade, published in 2015, which articulates his rigorous trade selection and investment process. Alex was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia and earned his PhD in mathematics from the University of Chicago.

Jared Dillian

Editor, The Daily Dirtnap

Jared Dillian is the editor of The Daily Dirtnap, a daily market newsletter for investment professionals, continuously published since 2008. He graduated from the United States Coast Guard Academy in 1996 with a B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science, and from the University of San Francisco in 2001 with a Masters in Business Administration, concentration in Finance.

Jared worked for a small floor market maker on the Pacific Options Exchange from 1999-2000 and was a trader for Lehman Brothers from 2001 to 2008, specializing in index arbitrage and ETF trading. He is also the author of STREET FREAK: Money And Madness At Lehman Brothers, which was named Businessweek’s #1 general business book of 2011, and the novel ALL THE EVIL OF THIS WORLD, published in 2016. Additionally, Jared was an adjunct professor in the business program at Coastal Carolina University.

Jared is also a regular contributor at Mauldin Economics, and a columnist at Bloomberg Opinion, and previously contributed to Forbes and His media appearances include MSNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg TV, BNN, The New York Times, LA Times, Business Insider, Marketwatch, Yahoo! Finance, and dozens of local and syndicated radio programs. From 2019-2021, he was the host of The Jared Dillian Show, a nationally syndicated radio show on personal finance, and is now the host of the Be Smart podcast. In his spare time, Jared is a progressive house DJ and speaks frequently on mental health issues at financial institutions.

Tom Thornton

Hedge Fund Telemetry, Founder

Founder of Hedge Fund Telemetry a research firm located in Greenwich Connecticut.

Former senior trader and portfolio manager at Level Global Investors.

Jim Bianco

Bianco Research L.L.C., President and Macro Strategist

Jim Bianco is President and Macro Strategist at Bianco Research, L.L.C. Since 1990 Jim’s commentaries have offered a unique perspective on the global economy and financial markets. Unencumbered by the biases of traditional Wall Street research, Jim has built a decades long reputation for objective, incisive commentary that challenges consensus thinking. In nearly 20 years at Bianco Research, Jim’s wide-ranging commentaries have addressed monetary policy, the intersection of markets and politics, the role of government in the economy, fund flows and positioning in financial markets. 

Jim appears regularly on CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox Business, and is often featured in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, Grants Interest Rate Observer, and MarketWatch. Prior to joining Arbor and Bianco Research, Jim was a Market Strategist in equity and fixed income research at UBS Securities and Equity Technical Analyst at First Boston and Shearson Lehman Brothers. He is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) and a member of the Market Technicians Association (MTA). Jim has a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Marquette University (1984) and an MBA from Fordham University (1989).

Brent Johnson

Santiago Capital, CEO

Brent Johnson brings over twenty years of experience in the financial markets to his position as CEO of Santiago Capital where he manages $175mm for High Net Worth families via separately managed accounts and a private fund. 

Brent enjoyed more than nine years as a Managing Director at BakerAvenue Asset Management, a $2 Billion Asset Manager and Wealth Management firm, with offices in San Francisco, Dallas and New York.  He was the lead advisor for several of the firms largest clients. 

Before joining BakerAvenue, Brent spent nine years at Credit Suisse in their private client group. He got his start as part of the training program at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette (DLJ) in New York prior to moving to San Francisco. He joined Credit Suisse in the fall of 2000 when the bank purchased DLJ.

Earlier in his career, Brent was a financial auditor for Philip Morris Management Company in New York City where he performed audits at the company’s headquarters as well as subsidiaries in Germany, Hong Kong, and Richmond, Virginia.

Brent regularly gives interviews and speaks at conferences regarding precious metals, currency markets & macroeconomic trends.  His views have been quoted in numerous print, online and television outlets. He lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico with his wife Mary and son Moses. 


Denise Shull

ReThink Group, Performance & Strategy Advisor

Denise Shull, ReThink’s Founder and CEO, leverages her background in neuroscience and modern psychoanalysis to solve the mental mysteries of successful investing, trading, competing and leading teams. She is known for her uncanny effectiveness in resolving mental blocks and decision conundrums.
Her Wall Street career began in 1994 when she joined one of the first electronic trading firms in Chicago. She then traded at Schonfeld Securities before she was recruited to run her own desk at Sharpe Capital in NYC.

In 2003, an academic journal published her pioneering University of Chicago master’s thesis, “The Neurobiology of Freud’s Repetition Compulsion.” This led Denise to discover the then-emerging research indicating that, contrary to popular belief, emotion is required for decision making. She founded The ReThink Group to apply this radical finding to assisting pension funds, hedge funds, asset managers and trading firms all over the globe in making better market decisions. The head of an international trading desk said, “the work I have done with her has enabled me to make more progress in my trading than my 15 years of experience did on their own.”

Her first article, Freud’s Path to Profits, was published in December 2004 in Stocks, Futures and Options Magazine and her 2012 book, Market Mind Games: A Radical Psychology of Investing, Trading and Risk has been reviewed as the “best of its genre” and a “veritable Rosetta Stone of trading psychology.” An engaging speaker, Denise has keynoted for UBS, Credit Suisse, MIT’s Sloan Fellows, Harvard Business School and the US Ski and Snowboard Association.

In 2015, Denise consulted on the development of Showtime’s BILLIONS. In ’16, Denise began mental coaching with the Olympic medal winner Lindsey Jacobellis. Bloomberg Tradebook also released the Intuition Brain Game, Trader Brain Exercise, based on her work. In ’17, ReThink delivered HEADSx, a unique talent assessment tool that measures the elusive intangibles in X-Factor performance. In ’18, Denise headlined a LEADERS in SPORT conference and ReThink landed their second major professional sports client, Hendrick Motorsports.

In 2019, Real Vision, NASDAQ’s Trade Talks and Yahoo Finance featured Denise. In the past, she has appeared on CNBC, FOX Business and Bloomberg TV Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Bloomberg Markets and New York Times’ Dealbook have run profiles on her unique work.

Denise holds a Master of Arts (1995) from the University of Chicago. Her thesis was cited in 2013 as one of the first papers written about neuropsychoanalysis. She is also a 2009 alumna of Harvard’s Kennedy School Executive Education program: Investment Decisions and Behavioral Finance.

Jason Buck

Mutiny Fund, CIO

Jason Buck is an entrepreneur and trader specializing in volatility, options hedging, and portfolio construction.

After living through 2008 as a commercial real estate developer, Jason became focused on how investors could better manage their risk. He spent the following decade consulting on portfolio construction and building bespoke long volatility strategies for family offices and high net worth individuals.

This experience in cross asset class trading spotlighted the need to create a diversified long volatility and tail risk fund designed to hedge the risks associated with economic downturns.

A former D1 soccer player and IMG academy graduate, Jason currently resides in Napa Valley, California.

Jason Buck

Mutiny Fund, CIO

Jason Buck is an entrepreneur and trader specializing in volatility, options hedging, and portfolio construction.

After living through 2008 as a commercial real estate developer, Jason became focused on how investors could better manage their risk. He spent the following decade consulting on portfolio construction and building bespoke long volatility strategies for family offices and high net worth individuals. 

This experience in cross asset class trading spotlighted the need to create a diversified long volatility and tail risk fund designed to hedge the risks associated with economic downturns. 

A former D1 soccer player and IMG academy graduate, Jason currently resides in Napa Valley, California.

Dave Floyd

Aspen Trading Group, Founder

A native of Lancaster, Massachusetts, Dave earned a BS in Economics from Northeastern University in Boston and landed his first gig in the trading industry in 1993 when he joined the fixed income & FX desk of Standard Chartered Bank. The following year, his focus shifted to equities, and he spent the next eight years trading on a proprietary equities desk. In 2002, wanting to venture out and build his own trading desk, Dave started his own niche FX firm and the seeds for Aspen Trading Group were planted. Since then, Aspen has grown from a pure prop trading firm into a provider of expert FX research and analytics to both institutional and retail clients worldwide.

David’s two decades of expertise in technical analysis and global fundamentals has led to him being profiled on Real Vision TV, where he is a regular contributor, Bloomberg, CNBC, Active Trader & Futures magazine. Dave’s vision helped Aspen rank in the Top 10 for Currency Managers for Net Return in 2015 tracked by Barclayhedge. In 2010, the company was nominated for Technical Analyst of The Year. To remain at the top of his game, in 2011 he was accepted to and entered the Executive MBA program at Oxford University in Oxford, England. This allowed him to learn and rigorously test some of the best-known financial models and see how they stack up in the real world of finance and trading. Additionally, the knowledge gained on how to scale and run a business coupled with an impeccable alumni network allowed Dave to take Aspen Trading to new levels. In his free time, he enjoys golf, mountain biking, futsal, skate skiing, reading, and good wine.

Harry Melandri

MI2 Partners

Harry Melandri joined the MI2 Research team as an Advisor in 2018. Among other contributions, Harry contributes to MI2’s research and serves as the moderator of Real Vision’s Insider Talks with Raoul Pal and Julian Brigden.

He has worked in financial markets for more than 30 years and has held senior roles in fixed income portfolio management at Deutsche Asset Management, Aberdeen Asset Management, and Brevan Howard; in macroeconomic research and macro strategy at the Bank of England and Medley Advisors; and in fixed income and derivatives trading at UBS and other investment banks.

Harry has extensive experience in macro and policy, central banking, fixed income and rates, emerging markets and derivatives along with a background in volatility trading and quantitative analysis.

Tony Greer

TG Macro, Founder

After graduating from Cornell University in 1990, Tony Greer began his trading career in the spot FX market for Sumitomo Bank and UBS. He joined the J. Aron division of Goldman Sachs in 1994, where he learned the rigor of trading large commodity books.

Tony left the commodity desk at Goldman Sachs to launch his own equity trading operation in 2000, which surfed the crash for two years. Tony then began a career as an equity sales trader, educating his clients in the natural resources space.

Tony started his own independent market analysis company, TG Macro, and then launched the Morning Navigator newsletter on election day, 2016, with the view that the world was about to change dramatically. The Morning Navigator is now distributed to over 800 professionals worldwide.

Samuel Burke

Real Vision, Managing Editor & Senior Host

Samuel Burke is a three-time Emmy award-winning business journalist who serves as Real Vision’s Managing Editor and Senior Host.

Prior to joining Real Vision, he produced, reported and anchored at CNN, ABC and NPR. Burke has interviewed the heads of the world’s largest companies like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Alibaba CEO Jack Ma, Tinder Founder Sean Rad, Ford CEO James Hackett, T-Mobile CEO John Legere, former Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, former Ford CEO Mark Fields, Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank, TransferWise CEO Taavet Hinrikus, as well as heads of state such as Robert Mugabe, Israeli Prime Ministers Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert, as well as Chilean President Michelle Bachelet.

Mark Ritchie II

RTM 3/RTM Capital, Manager

Trader/Investor. Portfolio manager at RTM3 LLC. Trading coach/educator.


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