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“This is one of the single-most exciting things we’ve done. It’s the start of something massive, and I’m just pleased you’re all with us on the journey. It’s going to be amazing.”

— Raoul Pal, Co-Founder & CEO Real Vision

Already have your NFT?

The Pro Crypto Genesis NFT Collection

So, what is the Real Vision Pro Crypto NFT? It’s the emblem of a Pro Crypto OG; it’s your key to the community and immutable proof you were one of the first to enter this new Real Vision Web3 universe…

“It’s the seed from which the Web3 experience of Real Vision comes from.” — Raoul Pal

Pro Crypto is more than an institutional-grade crypto research membership, it’s a vibrant, pioneering, hive-mind community of investors and dreamers. Founding members of this community were given special status and automatically whitelisted for Real Vision’s first-ever NFT collection, the Pro Crypto Early Adopter NFT.

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Community and Utility, Not Flippability

The true goal is to go wayyy beyond a jpeg. Together, we’ll create a ton of value and build spectacular benefits and unique experiences unlocked by the NFT.

The NFT’s utility is constantly evolving based on community feedback, new technologies, and partner collaborations. Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits you can expect…

Tools Built Just for You

We’re constantly building and experimenting with new tools designed to harness the insight of the Hive Mind and help you become a better investor. Recently, we’ve rolled out the Pro Crypto Bot Portfolio, a crowd-sourced crypto portfolio driven by the decisions of the community.

Special Access to Real Vision events

NFT holders will receive exclusive access and/or special pricing to Real Vision events.

Discord Access

You’ll have perpetual access to sections of the Pro Crypto Discord, regardless of your membership status. It’s the home of the Hive Mind and filled with talented and driven individuals that will help you grow as an investor.

Allowlist and Whitelist Opportunities

Exclusive access to some of the biggest NFT collections around including Ledger, OnChainMonkey, Club dVIN, and MetaBrewSociety, to name a few.

NFT Royalties

A percentage of each NFT transaction will be deposited into a community treasury. This feature will be built into the NFT’s smart contract. Initially, this treasury will be controlled centrally by Real Vision, but we will work toward decentralizing custody of it. We will always rely on the input of the community for any use of these funds.

Membership Discounts

Holders of the NFT will receive a significant discount on their Pro Crypto membership. At renewal, we will be offering you a discount on your membership. To encourage hodling of this NFT, the discount on your Pro Crypto membership will increase for every additional year you hold the NFT.

“If we can put you 5.5k people together and say listen, make magic happen, we’re there to facilitate but the magic’s around what you guys do as NFT holders. It’s your closed community, nobody else can get in, and it’s what you make of it.”

— Raoul Pal, CEO Real Vision

Pro Crypto NFT Road Map


The NFT is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. When we asked the community what chain they’d like the NFT to be on, the majority wanted it to be on Ethereum.

The NFT will feature a temporary image until the mint period has concluded. After the mint period, we’ll have an unveil party and show you the winning NFT design. At that time, the temporary NFT image will be replaced with the winning design…

Why? We want to make sure everyone has a chance to mint before we unveil the winning design.

The best and easiest place is to check the Real Vision NFT Gallery.

You can also view your NFT along with the rest of the collection on OpenSea Marketplace: Real Vision Pro Crypto Genesis Collection.

You will need to “Refresh metadata.”

Go to your NFT on OpenSea. At the top right, click “Refresh metadata” button.


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