Rosenberg: We Are Going to See a Bear Market Soon

David Rosenberg believes we will transition away from the current burst of inflation to renewed disinflation. In an interview with Alfonso Peccatiello, author of the Macro Compass newsletter, Rosenberg, president at Rosenberg Research & Associates, lays out his thesis for inflation going even lower than 2.5%. Rosenberg draws on historic parallels to World War II on the current state of inflation and points to price bubbles, housing bubbles, asset bubbles, and quantitative easing as the culprits for the problems we are facing today. He believes investors should own treasuries in the 2022 economy. Holding strong to his contrarian view, Peccatiello asks him what would change his mind about his disinflation thesis. Don’t miss this interview where Rosenberg and Peccatiello discuss the inflation/disinflation story, the aging demographic and debt problem, owning treasuries, and how to position your portfolio and the emerging markets that offer growth opportunities. Recorded on January 5, 2022.

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