As 2020 Closes, What's Left in Store for Markets? - Live with Frank Cappelleri

Frank Cappelleri, CMT, desk strategist at Instinet, joins Real Vision’s Max Wiethe to examine market movement across asset classes and how it could impact the final weeks of trading for 2020. Cappelleri explains why the recent market rotation is not a new phenomenon for this year and how small caps leading the markets is not a new occurrence either. He also discusses what the expansion in the SPX’s new highs could mean and what he’s observing in gold, bitcoin, bonds, and international markets. Key Learnings: Cappelleri sees positive seasonality for markets in the final 6 weeks of 2020 and live bullish patterns, and his overview can provide viewers insight based on trading patterns this year on where to capture the most upside and mitigate risk to the downside. To access Frank’s chart deck, click here:

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