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Real Vision Pro Crypto is our first ever premium crypto membership. But that sounds a bit boring.

What it really is — a grand experiment co-created and co-developed with our members. And we’re just getting started…

Here’s the TLDR:
Exclusive Real Vision analysis and insights… a 6-pillar approach covering everything from macro to NFTs to technical analysis… bottom-up analysis and early market insights… A thriving online community of smart, thoughtful people… frequent video and flash updates… and so much more.

"Crypto is Down… Buy Our Product or You’re Screwed!!"

Uh, no.

There is plenty of crap analysis in the crypto space, and plenty of snake-oil salespeople who warn that the sky is falling “but you’ll be fine if you just buy our product.”

Real Vision Pro Crypto is… not that.

Pro Crypto is Real Vision staking our claim on the quality end of analysis and discussion in the crypto space.

“This Pro Crypto adventure has been extraordinary so far – and we’re just getting started. Since 2014, we’ve tried to build in public, but with Pro Crypto, we are taking it further than ever before.”

— Raoul Pal, Co-Founder & CEO, Real Vision

So, What the Hell Is Pro Crypto?

Pro Crypto is a premium service that distills and curates high-grade crypto analysis and insight into one “go-to” digital assets membership.

The goal of Pro Crypto is to:

  1. Empower you on your journey by giving you quality research and analysis you need to profit from knowledge in this new digital assets world.
  2. Facilitate a community that’s a safe, welcoming place for us all to explore, learn, and develop our thinking around the digital assets space.
  3. Help make the world a bit more equitable and prosperous in the process. (Well, there’s no point in having goals if they’re not lofty, right?)

That’s all well and good, but what do you actually get?

The 6 Pillar Approach

Pillar 1

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Old Rules for a New Asset Class: Crypto is no longer a rebellious asset class that marches to its own beat. Digital assets have grown up and are now heavily influenced by macro forces like central bank policy and geopolitics.

So if you’re into crypto, you need to understand macro. That’s why with Pro Crypto, you get macro guidance from Raoul Pal and Julian Brigden in Macro Insider Talks once a month, as well as access to everything in our Essential and Plus membership tiers, which includes investing courses, almost-daily interviews with the sharpest minds in finance, Investor Tutorials, and a hell of a lot more.

From environmental plays to robotics to cybersecurity to remote working, you’ll be going on a journey of discovery with us not into the future, but into the now.

Cadence: Once a month with Pro Macro Insider Talks, and every weekday for everything you get with Essential and Plus (included in your Pro Crypto membership).

Pillar 2

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Blockchain Tech & DeFi

Less Noise, More Signal: We’re all looking for that next-gen piece of tech that bursts onto the scene and captures everyone’s attention.

Delphi Digital’s research will help you find it.

Through monthly episodes of Crypto Insider Talks, Deep Dive reports and Chartbooks, Delphi will separate the signal from the noise by highlighting which projects are on the bleeding-edge of blockchain development.

Episodes of Crypto Insider Talks star Raoul Pal and Kevin Kelly, co-founder of Delphi Digital. When we get a question from the community that requires deeper knowledge of a particular sector, we bring in a Delphi analyst who is an expert in that field.

Cadence: A new episode of Crypto Insider Talks, a new Chartbook and Deep Dive every month.

Pillar 3

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Technical Analysis

Making Sense of the Madness: Macro and fundamental analysis will help narrow your view, but you’ll need to understand the market’s chaotic behavior to get your timing and sizing right.

In Technical Trader, we bring in some of the best technical and on-chain analysts around to identify trends, and actionable trade opportunities. The show arms you with a range of perspectives by bringing in a rotating roster of analysts including Petr Pinkhasov, Will Clemente, Rekt Capital, Dean Carr and more...

To help you master the art of trading, you’ll get access to all the courses the Real Vision Academy has to offer, such as Technical Trading with Dave Floyd, Trading Strategy with Peter Brandt and DeMark Indicators with Tom DeMark.

Cadence: Every week.

Pillar 4

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Pro Investing Strategies

The Next Wave of Adoption: Institutions are moving into the space, what strategies are they using and how are they adopting digital assets?

As crypto matures, institutions will only play a bigger and bigger role and by understanding which way they’re headed, we can assess the overall health of the space.

In CIO Sessions, Moritz Seibert puts you in the boardroom for in-depth conversations with investment managers from a range of funds. Moritz Seibert’s experience as the CIO of Exponential Age Asset Management and former CEO/CIO of Munich RE Investment Partners gives him unique insight into the world of institutional asset management.

Cadence: Every month.

Pillar 5

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NFT Sessions

The Real Vision Web3 Universe: The Pro Crypto NFT was Real Vision’s genesis collection and our first venture into this new world. As our web3 universe evolves and grows, this collection will serve as the seed from which all others are based.

Your guides on this journey are Moritz Heiden who leads the web3 efforts at Real Vision and the mastermind behind the Real Vision Bot, along with in-house presenter, community queen and proud NFT degen Elaine Ly.

Moritz Heiden and Elaine Ly will walk you through on the evolution of the Pro Crypto NFT, the launch of other Real Vision NFTs, as well as specific projects or developments from the broader NFT space.

Cadence: Varied.

Pillar 6

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Pollinating the Hive: The knowledge and diversity of experience in the Pro Crypto community is remarkable and we’re working to make full use of it.

With monthly issues of the Discord Distillery we’ll highlight discussions, events and memes from around the community, including articles written entirely by Pro Crypto members.

But we’re not stopping there. We’re rolling out new formats and workshops where you can further share your expertise. Take a look at the Protecting Your Crypto Assets, where Pro Crypto member Blastoplast, took us on a 5-part journey into digital asset security.

And who says it always has to be about crypto? If you have a skill or valuable knowledge, we want to make it accessible to the entire Hive Mind.

Cadence: Every Month.


Meet Your New Community…
A Band of “Truly Extraordinary People”

Within months, this group of strangers had transformed into a cohesive Hive Mind of intellectual powerhouses that’s held IRL meetups around the world.

Raoul has been utterly blown away, remarking, “It’s magical. Full of extraordinary people — I can’t bloody wait to see where this goes.”

Fast forward 1 year to today, and the Pro Crypto Hive Mind has flourished into a 5,000 member strong community filled with experts in technical analysis, machine learning, NFTs, geopolitics and just about every field in between.

If you’ve been searching for a place in web3 with good vibes (not FUD), deep insightful conversations (not pump ‘n dump schemes), and a world-class crew.

Well, I think we’ve found your new home.

“The energy and knowledge within this group is second to none, been learning so much and probably starting to suffer from information overload, which is a good problem to have.”

— Big Poppa

“Excited and thankful for the privilege to be part of The Network State of Real Vision. And extending my warmest greetings to everyone… all the way from faraway Surf Town La Union (Philippines).”

— jetsam

“I just have to say, this Discord community is hands down the best crypto community I’ve ever been a part of in my 5+ years in the space. Everyone is so nice and supportive. So many great ideas being thrown around. So much good information, and just as important, so little bad information. WAGMI, people, WAGMI for sure.”

— Blastoplast

“One of the great things about the diverse Pro Crypto community is the hive mind. Sharing knowledge that any of us may have, makes the community so much better. Thank you to all contributors (too many to name) that help me with my learning.”

— Bumbu | Enraged_Stablecoin

“I have a feeling this is going to be THE place for alpha for us in the coming years.”

— Darkdays.eth

“This community is fantastic. I can now delete all those YouTube and Twitter voices.”

— Rick66

Your Choices...

We want to give as many people as possible the chance to join Pro Crypto — which is why, you have annual and quarterly membership options.

I’m in — I want to start with an annual membership…

Then one of the annual options is the way to go. That means either choosing a year of Pro Crypto or a year of Pro All Access.

Pro All Access gives you access to both Pro Crypto and Pro Macro (with Raoul Pal and Julian Brigden).

Now, Real Vision Pro memberships cost $3,999 a year — and while that’s not a small amount, members tell us they make that back pretty quickly.

If you decide that you Pro All Access is for you, the list price is $6,999 — which means you’re getting two services which cost $8,000 together at a discount.


Then a quarterly membership option is a good choice.

Choose Your Pro Crypto Membership

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