Bitcoin Is Hard Money

Simon Dixon, CEO of, joins Ash Bennington, Real Vision senior editor, to discuss Bitcoin and its implications for nation-state monetary policy, central bank digital currencies, and the future of finance. Dixon explains several possible future outcomes that may result from the invention of Bitcoin, both good and bad. He believes the economy is currently in the great depression of the 2020s and that Bitcoin will assume an increasingly important role on the world’s financial stage because of the way governments will mitigate the effects of this economic slowdown. Filmed on November 10, 2020. Key Learnings: Dixon articulates the importance of Bitcoin and digital assets in the current macroeconomic environment. He makes the case that Bitcoin is a hedge against a wide variety of near term economic policies initiated by governments. Dixon believes that, in most scenarios, Bitcoin increases in value and importance and that government action will force greater adoption of Bitcoin as a store of value – a hard money.

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