"Crypto isn’t magic internet beans, it’s a macro asset that moves in relatively predictable ways."

— Raoul Pal

"Crypto isn’t magic internet beans, it’s a macro asset that moves in relatively predictable ways."

— Raoul Pal

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Getting a handle on crypto as an investor has never been more crucial

From the maturation of the market, institutional adoption, and evolving regulation to the anticipated Bitcoin ‘halving’ event — this year is set to be a thrilling one for digital assets.

But it’s still the Wild West, with rugs, scams, and some sh*tty players out there. Meaning there’s a ton of opportunity but a lot of vulnerability too.

Real Vision can help you sift through the noise and provide you with a safe space to learn from the real experts in digital assets — without blowing yourself up.

Today, we’re giving you access to a free Real Vision membership and access to a phenomenal video with Real Vision co-founder and CEO, Raoul Pal, and Julien Bittel, head of macro research at Global Macro Investor.

In this conversation, described by an RV member as “one of the greatest videos that I’ve watched on Real Vision”, Raoul and Julien dig into why macro is king, why crypto is macro, and how to think about your investment framework this year

You really can’t afford to skip this one.

(You also don’t have to worry about affording it — it’s free.)

Who are these guys?

Raoul Pal

Not only is Raoul the co-founder and CEO of Real Vision, he’s also a world-renowned macro analyst, founder of the Global Macro Investor service, founder of Exponential Age Asset Management (EXPAAM), and speaker, with over 30 years in markets under his belt.

Julien Bittel, CFA

As an experienced asset allocation expert, Julien has a decade of experience in the industry. He is the Head of Macro Research at Global Macro Investor. He also serves as the Head of Asset Allocation at Exponential Age Asset Management, focused on blockchain and the digital asset space.

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I’ve been a huge fan of Real Vision since 2019. Love the education programs, expert analysis, macro, crypto…well everything.  Real Vision has changed my way of thinking and my framework — and in the end my family’s future.  Forever grateful.”

Kai B., Munich, Germany, and RV member

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— Diana L., Sydney, Australia and RV member

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