George Goncalves: Why the Fed Wants to Avoid Yield Curve Control

Many have written off the bond market as the arbiter of truth with claims that the Fed’s intervention into the market has removed price discovery. In this interview, bond strategist George Goncalves argues otherwise and makes the case that there is still plenty of valuable information left in the long end of the curve. He also points out that the Fed has stepped back from the market recently, touches on the Fed’s ever-dwindling quiver of arrows as it relates to yield curve control, and explains why he believes they will do anything they can to avoid it. Additionally, he gives his short and long-term view on where yields are headed, arguing that although he doesn’t believe the low is in for yields, we may see 1.00% or higher on the 10-year before we get there. Filmed on August 25, 2020.

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