Flash Update – August 9, 2021

Published on: August 9th, 2021

Following the discussion on the RV Daily Briefing, because it is so important and clearly resonates with so many, I have decided to make this report available to all RV Pro subscribers. The report is in its original form and was published on August 2nd exclusively to Global Macro Investor subscribers.


  • WL
    Wolfgang L.
    9 August 2021 @ 13:58
    Thanks a lot, Raoul - much appreciated!
  • TH
    Tamas H.
    9 August 2021 @ 13:58
    Love it. Not long enough! We all know. Btw, thank you for messing up my entry with the Daily Brief. Haha
  • CD
    Claudio D.
    9 August 2021 @ 13:58
    thank you Raoul.
  • GP
    Geoff P.
    9 August 2021 @ 14:03
    Any thoughts on the defacto ban being pursued in the US
  • AW
    Agus W.
    9 August 2021 @ 14:09
    Thanks for sharing Raoul, really appreciate it!
  • JE
    Jonathan E.
    9 August 2021 @ 16:24
    Thanks very much Raoul. Let's hope the US Gov doesn't spoil the party.
  • SN
    Sean N.
    9 August 2021 @ 17:19
    Do you think this is going to be a better play than alt coins over the next 6 months? ie: would you lower your portfolio weighting of alt coins in favour of Ethereum?
  • AT
    Aleem T.
    9 August 2021 @ 17:54
    Thanks for this Raoul. As a suggestion, would be great in a future report to have a deep dive into India and specifically Reliance Industries
  • PV
    Pratap V.
    9 August 2021 @ 18:00
    Thanks Raoul. I'm struggling to reconcile this with a potential risk-off period in Q3/Q4 when the economy slows down, as per indicators in GMI. Economy slowdown -> yields rise -> equities crash 10-20% -> crypto crashes -> fed stimulates -> risk-on period again How do you see this play out in the short term?
    • PP
      Percy P.
      9 August 2021 @ 18:31
      Real (physical, non digital) world economy slowdown -> yield drop (or you can argue that the decline in 10 year yield is an indication that slowdown is about to come). Gentle movement of yield doesn't have big influence on crypto to be honest, big fluctuation in yield tend to disrupt everything though, and level of yield matters, DEFI borrowing cost is coupled to yield in real world, from my observation. Some people tend to think yields reacts to economy heat but so far, I am in the camp that yields have been front running the real world economy this year, with the speed/amount of Treasury auction superimposed on top, and foreigners/ foreign government trimming their holding to get access to USD, occasionally bumping up the yield here and there. I am not into equity but looking at both copper and oil making lower high, does indicate that market have been preparing itself to get ready for slow down. Slow down in physical economy = more energy available to be shifted into digital economy - what do you think?
  • JK
    James K.
    9 August 2021 @ 18:01
    Thanks for the update …. It would be nice if this type of insight was posted to RV Pro before being described openly on a YouTube interviews, or Twitter…..actually saw this in condensed form on a YouTube interview last Wednesday.
    • TW
      T1 W.
      11 August 2021 @ 06:45
      Agreed, appreciate getting the update, was feeling the RV crypto trade content is best found on YouTube for free....
  • KM
    Kristian M.
    9 August 2021 @ 19:39
    Thanks Raoul! I have been extremely long ETH and adding in slow territory since you were explaining the picture earlier this summer. It’s been Insane since ETH was around 240 dollars on your entry and trade recommendation July 2020. What makes me comfortable while following PRO is that I believe we have a more complete picture and background of your view supporting your short version updates on Twitter. ETH is surely a base enabler that benefits from the exponential development within the crypto field. Thanks again!
  • JM
    Jake M.
    9 August 2021 @ 20:26
    Hi Raoul, if I apply your quantitative metrics on binance coin (BNB), it seems like BNB is growing even faster than ethereum. Are you then equally (or more) bullish on BNB? Why or why not?
  • AH
    Anthony H.
    9 August 2021 @ 21:04
    Thanks Raoul. Love this. great charts. Are you staking any of your ETH currently? And if you’re comfortable sharing, what ballpark % of your ETH stack do you plan to sell March 2022?
    • RP
      Raoul P. | Founder
      10 August 2021 @ 11:22
      Im not currently staking but will and what % - Im not sure!
  • SI
    Shady I.
    9 August 2021 @ 21:11
    Thanks Raoul. Question You are comparing ETH 2021 unit price VS BTC 2017 unit price but have you charted market cap? It seems that ETH price has top out because ETH 2021 market cap has surpassed BTC 2017 market cap
  • JR
    JOHN R.
    10 August 2021 @ 03:12
    Gyppo How can I gain exposure to ETH without actually owning it? Hive?
  • DD
    Donal D.
    10 August 2021 @ 03:43
    What do people think of ETHE the Greyscale product as I see its selling at a 4% discount. My understanding that its a similar product as their GBTC offering which is for Bitcoin.
    • DW
      Daniel W.
      12 August 2021 @ 09:02
      There is an RV interview that bends negative (he is an activist investor in greyscale), but he thoroughly explains the discount and premium. Highly recomended.
  • JS
    J S.
    10 August 2021 @ 19:22
    If you want to learn about longevity, talk to Dr. Peter Attia.
    • HM
      Harry M. | Real Vision
      14 August 2021 @ 14:36
      I was at college with someone called Aubrey De Grey. I knew him from his very drunken parties. Oddly he has become quite famous in longevity circles. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aubrey_de_Grey
  • AD
    Anthony D.
    12 August 2021 @ 03:47
    Thanks for the detailed follow up on your Daily Briefing. What disadvantage(s) does the Greyscale unit trust ETHE have compared to direct ownership?
    • DW
      Daniel W.
      12 August 2021 @ 09:04
    • DW
      Daniel W.
      12 August 2021 @ 09:02
      In seeing someone elses question, i was reminded that there is an RV interview that bends negative (he is an activist investor in greyscale), but he thoroughly explains the discount and premium. Highly recommended.
    • DW
      Daniel W.
      12 August 2021 @ 09:00
      I am sure someone more qualified can provide more detail, but the basics are that is only trade during normal NYSE trading hours (not 24 hrs), it trades at a premium, and it is not yours, since it is not in your custody. In my experience, it's benefits are mostly being able to hold it in a traditional investment accounts (e.g. I use IBKR). Additionally, the premium and discount can be used to your advantage - meaning its down days are worse than ETH, but up days are better than ETH - at least that is my experience in it. I've previously bought ETH on Kraken and Coinbase, but I have most of my liquid assets in IBKR, so it was a pain transferring between the accounts, so I've started buying ETHE. It would take several days for me to transfer between accounts, so the benefits of getting into ETHE more timely (I am more of classical chart trader, so entry timing matters) was more important and beneficial to me than the trading hour restrictions and premium/discount. Hope this helps!