Flash Update – November 17th, 2021

Published on: November 17th, 2021

Dollars, ETH and Carbon…


  • JS
    Justin S.
    17 November 2021 @ 17:26
    Those March 22 15k calls are now back to where you recommended them on Deribit so I bought more, thanks for the trade ideas :)
    • AS
      Adi S.
      18 November 2021 @ 00:45
      For my fellow Americans, December 31 10k calls on LedgerX dropped down in last few days too.... :)
  • jj
    jj j.
    17 November 2021 @ 17:26
    Raoul, any comments on DXY?
    • RP
      Raoul P. | Founder
      17 November 2021 @ 20:53
      Roughly same as Euro...
  • JA
    Joseph A.
    17 November 2021 @ 18:25
    I'm with you on Carbon, long position working well after volatility into COP26 now back to directional and after I attended a conference on COP26 messages and issues where carbon futures were also talked about in the context of the desire for there to be more transparency and expansion of carbon futures markets. However, how do you see Nat gas pricing affecting price action due to the apparent positive correlation between NG prices and carbon futures?
    • RS
      Richard S.
      26 November 2021 @ 09:48
      I see SparkChange has their HanETF Physical EU ETS product out now. https://www.etfexpress.com/2021/11/04/308752/sparkchange-and-hanetf-launch-worlds-first-etp-backed-physical-eu-carbon
    • BS
      Blake S.
      17 November 2021 @ 23:44
      No correlation pre 2021 and very loose coal to gas switching narrative in general. I understand it can only really be done in size in E. Europe and that's not a large enough factor. Understandable it'd have economic growth factor risk, like nat gas and broader commodities, but more idiosyncratic in my view. Institutional money also entering fast...
  • JR
    Josh R.
    17 November 2021 @ 20:53
    Valhalla awaits
  • DM
    Dez M.
    18 November 2021 @ 20:48
    Going all in on ETH guys. ETH bouncing already.
  • Jo
    Jim o.
    19 November 2021 @ 21:05
    No matter how much ETH I buy, I always want to buy more.
  • MG
    Marc G.
    22 November 2021 @ 20:06
    I super bullish on crypto and have a majority of my assets in crypto. Everyone I talk to is also super bullish on crypto and they all have lofty price targets. This is starting to concern me as this seems to be a very crowded trade and people's expectations have changed dramatically. As an example, a friend of mine is a sales guy at a Ferrari Dealership and he mentioned that every week he has people coming in and ordering a new Ferrari because they expect to be super rich by next year because of crypto. Does this concern anyone else that everyone is on the same side of the crypto trade?
  • JW
    JW2 W.
    25 November 2021 @ 12:29
    For a crypto spin on Carbon, check out KLIMA ... it's a DAO with an interesting mission. You can become a contributor and invest, stake and participate in the reduction of carbon emissions at the same time. Every KLIMA token is backed by 1 tonne of verified, tokenized carbon reduction or removal. Even if you are not investing, it's a very interesting project to learn about imo.
  • AH
    Anthony H.
    1 December 2021 @ 08:59
    Please do the next report on exit plans we enter into the meat of the bull cycle -- don't want to scale out too soon or too late :) Also curious about your own personal portfolio changes and how much you will keep through bear cycles
  • ES
    Ediz S.
    7 December 2021 @ 17:14
    Hi Raoul, thank you very much for this flash update. Are you going to roll-over the MODEC1 into MODEC2 or just close the position soon?