Flash Update – When There is Blood on the Street

Published on: June 3rd, 2022

This article was originally published in Macro Insiders last week and was recently updated in Global Macro Investor adding some extra thoughts and correcting a few numbers. As we feel it a significant article , we feel it important to share.


  • MS
    Malcolm S.
    4 June 2022 @ 17:06
    Although I appreciate that this has been released to us - Why are these types of crypto focused Macro Insider reports not released to us at the same time as Macro Insiders?
  • CL
    Christopher L.
    4 June 2022 @ 23:32
    Great report. Buy and hold.
  • JE
    John E.
    6 June 2022 @ 06:58
    Brilliant big picture analysis. It's true, buy and hold over the LT is much harder than it appears. That's the challenge we all face today.
  • JT
    Jason T.
    6 June 2022 @ 16:32
    Thank you RV, for keeping us in the loop.
  • RR
    Razvan R.
    15 June 2022 @ 09:03
    wow , he got to the same level as the lowest person on twitter, "buy and hodl"... lol.. what i think is the little indian s strong point, is that he knows how to present things in an amazing way and tell stories after the fact.. he did it since he started RV, 98% was a nice story to explain things after they had happened and 2% actual value add also, you realize that between his options buy at the exact top, his 90% of portfolio in ETH, adding all the way till here at ridiculous high prices, he is probably at break even on his crypto investment, yet you people pay him money to tell you "hodl"... for me i am really out of this, not worth spending my time on absolut mediocrity
    • RR
      Razvan R.
      15 June 2022 @ 09:56
      i mean not to sound harsh, but i thought would get more out of my subscription, then saying buy the dip every few weeks/months since 50k... but good luck to everybody..