In Focus Trade Portfolio – January 3, 2023

Published on: January 4th, 2023

This publication is your ‘go-to’ to view a summary of trade recommendations proposed by Julian and Raoul in their respective In Focus pieces.


  • JM
    Jake M.
    4 January 2023 @ 19:08
    I know Julian recommended buying TLT in "OF ROCKS & HARD PLACES" at price < 105. However, I didn't know it's only for 1/2 of the position and there's another 1/2 position to add when price < 101 as mentioned in this in focus trade portfolio. There was a window when tlt dropped below 101. Please update us on the latest of Julian's price entry view in more real time.
    • GS
      George S. | Real Vision
      9 January 2023 @ 08:25
      Hey guys, in Nov 15 In Focus "Relief", Julian took the following action: "Buy ½ TLT ~98. Buy ½ ~95. Stop ~91. Target 108 to review. Trailing stops". Only the first 1/2 position was executed because the price never dipped below 95. Consequently, in Dec 14 In Focus "Of Rocks & Hard Places" Julian closed the position after reaching 108 and said "I will look to re-enter this trade on a retracement back to 105.", referring to the initial 1/2 position. Condition for the second 1/2 position is provided in the Trade Portfolio above.
    • MW
      Matthew W.
      6 January 2023 @ 14:38
      Yep very confusing, I bought at < 105, no stop was recommended though which is also a problem.
    • JL
      John L.
      5 January 2023 @ 03:12
      Yes the reporting is very lazy unfortunately and they don't listen to comments
    • JM
      Jake M.
      4 January 2023 @ 21:06
      I doubt it's an update to the <105 recommendation if the piece says buy 1/2, because we cannot "unbuy" the other half. I suppose Julian meant it at the time of publishing "OF ROCKS & HARD PLACES" piece, but somehow the piece wasn't specific enough on the details.
    • JM
      John M.
      4 January 2023 @ 20:13
      Yes this is a little confusing, is this an update to the <105 reccomendation?
  • CM
    Charl M.
    4 January 2023 @ 20:16
    Tesla had a 3-for-1 split in August 2022, so Raoul's entry price of 776.13 should be adjusted to 258.71, right?
    • CM
      Charl M.
      5 January 2023 @ 04:29
      that's why I won't renew my subscription... the service is going downhill fast. You'd expect Julian and Raoul to monitor the comments here, at the very least.
    • CJ
      Clinton J.
      5 January 2023 @ 00:17
      I mentioned this for several months in a row in the comments section. I don't know that Raul or his team reads these unfortunately. Not sure how to let him know to make the correction. But yes, you are correct and it's been in the last several reports, reported incorrectly
  • RP
    Reegan P.
    5 January 2023 @ 01:19
    Hello and thank you for the update. I want to add KR1 to my portfolio. Is there a ticker symbol for this company in the US market? I found the ticker: KROEF, but it trades for $0.15. Please advise if investing in this company in the US is possible.
    • JS
      Justin S.
      5 January 2023 @ 11:36
      I've held KR1 for a while and would be interested in hearing views....deploying below £25 (current c.28)