Our Bearish Conviction is Even Higher

Published on: July 13th, 2022

U.S. inflation reached a 41-year high in June with the print coming in at 9.1%. That’s even higher than May’s 8.6% reading which prompted the Fed to accelerate the pace of interest rate hikes. Eric Johnston, the head of equity derivatives and cross asset for Cantor Fitzgerald believes there are many reasons to have a bearish conviction in this environment and lays out his case in this report. Be sure to check out his appearance on RVDB here: https://rvtv.io/3P8XgO4


  • MB
    Markus B.
    14 July 2022 @ 09:23
    insightful report, timely
  • RJ
    Ross J.
    17 July 2022 @ 12:58
    Excellent, thanks for the report Eric