Pro Crypto AMA TLDR – March 10, 2022

Published on: March 10th, 2022

On March 10, the Pro Crypto Community held another successful and highly insightful AMA with Delphi Digital… With major moves in commodities such as oil and wheat, the highest CPI reading in the past 40 years, and rapidly rising geopolitical tensions, macro has been the hot topic of discussion. The most recent Pro Crypto AMA was no exception. While previous discussions focused on digging into various protocols, this session was focused on understanding the state of public and private markets, breaking down BTC’s key support and resistance levels, the current macro outlook, and more. The Delphi Team also made sure to touch on a few exciting projects including Terra, Frax, Treasure DAO, and Helium… If you’d like to listen to a recording of the AMA, you can find it here: (We know this link is absurdly long, sorry about that)


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