Pro Crypto: Bitcoin Breakout Sparks New Hope

Published on: March 29th, 2022

Bitcoin made news yesterday when it jumped to its highest level of 2022. In this unscheduled Flash Update, the Delphi team looks at what’s happening now and digs into whether we’ve turned the corner and are looking at a trend reversal. Tell us what you think in the Pro Crypto Discord server.


  • MD
    Mike D.
    29 March 2022 @ 20:55
    Very disappointing - especially for the price - that Crypto Pro lacks the specific buy/sell recommendations which are routine in Macro Pro. This deficiency was not made clear at the time of offering, and dramatically reduces the value of this offering.
    • JF
      James F.
      31 March 2022 @ 07:59
      Agreed, specific calls in the market cycle split between long term investors / value buyers and also the shorter term swing traders amongst us, would be of great value.
    • FY
      Francis Y.
      30 March 2022 @ 10:00
      Agreed, would definitely want clear buy / sell signals instead of a wishy washy piece with support and resistance at literally every price level. Please consider giving concrete recommendations and adding a box at the end similar to Raoul's or Julian's piece in Pro Macro for a concise summary of the action points.
    • LM
      Lawrence M.
      30 March 2022 @ 04:05
      I like how Julian handles it on Macro Pro. Recommendations are clearly reiterated in a box towards the end of the report, near the summary. It makes it almost impossible to miss. A quick scan and you'll clearly see any recommendations/trades (with targets and stop losses). Obviously I'll read the report(s) in their entirety when I can. In the meantime I'm comfortable sizing the trade accordingly, and placing it right away.
    • GD
      Graham D.
      30 March 2022 @ 03:53
      100% agree. So far the service has been a complete waste of time and money.. None of the information I’ve seen thus far has been actionable,, just a rehash of the conventional views available for free elsewhere. Very disappointed. I’ll add here for anyone without the time to plough through the Discord channels but looking for swing trade recommendations have a look at Gareth Soloway’s ‘Verified Investing Crypto’ service. Buy/sell recommendations (with suggested sizing) texted to your phone in real time, market update videos 7 days a week, over 30 swing trade recommendations since November and only one loser.
    • CB
      Christian B.
      30 March 2022 @ 02:00
      I agree that it's very basic for the price. And the research reports are decent but nothing you can't get by following some of the top funds and thought leaders on Twitter and signing up for their newsletters. It doesn't deserve the name "pro" yet.
    • SS
      Shanthi S.
      30 March 2022 @ 01:22
      Agreed. It seems, to get any real value out of this offering, you have to be on discord 24/7 trawling endlessly. Something I don't have the time or inclination to do. Was very much hoping this service would save me time, not waste more of it. I've honestly been getting far more value out of some $15/mth content producers on Patreon.
    • VW
      Vincent W.
      30 March 2022 @ 00:21
      At this moment Crypto Banter seems a better bet and it’s free on YouTube
    • AA
      Andrew A.
      29 March 2022 @ 21:03
      I’m loving the subscription so far. They gave a 2022 outlook at the start of the year with many recommendations which informed most of my recent trades. At least two of the trades I made because of Crypto Pro are up over 100%, one of them up over 200% in just the last couple months.
  • RA
    Renaud A.
    29 March 2022 @ 21:22
    this is almost empty, this is clearly not worth the price we pay for pro. very very disappointing. not very professional.
  • LA
    Leigh A.
    29 March 2022 @ 21:35
    This is pretty pathetic. Lots of 'old wall st' chart analysis and NO substantie on-chain analysis. That's a glaring and sad omission. C'mon guys.
  • gy
    glenn y.
    30 March 2022 @ 00:07
    pretty basic. more of a summary than opinion. not worth the money
  • JE
    James E.
    30 March 2022 @ 03:19
    A lot of technical analysis here, would like to see more fundamental analysis and updates, thanks!
  • JC
    Juan C.
    30 March 2022 @ 06:16
    The last thing I want to be is a heel but as an OG in crypto (10 years successfully invested in the space) there is no unique or advantaged product here. From a pure market perspective there is no metric in which it leads or is leader. The problem is exasperated because the pro product is marketed as an ADVANCED or AVANTAGED product for higher or more sophisticated investors able/willing to afford a level of edge and insider insight not readily available on mass and free. Now that the product has been out a few months, collectively its users are taken aback that there is nothing behind a very expensive pay wall that is not readily and freely available on good Twitter/medium/youtube/discord channels. Many can argue that there is actually better alpha coming out of other communication channels and they are right. The current reports by the Delphi/RV pro product are summaries of the months events. Events the users already know. Flash updates are akin to "today bitcoin fell because xyz take caution". Users felt that monthly reports might have had things like... Cover pieces or reports on "a small team working on a solution to an industry problem that might have just had a break through and its just now getting out". Something with edge, or at least anything that you cannot get for free. You can get amazing content from people like Tasha labs for free on Twitter. You can get some grass roots alpha for free on discord rv or others but again that's discord not the RV Pro product which is really Delphi. There is also users starting to get itchy about the value proposition of the pro nft. There is no real value accrual. Removing the " community" moniker a large amount of nft holders are feeling where is the financial benefit, or perk tangible advantage? Some feel they don't need to be part of a club or have an identify flag they need tangible financially related benefits for their investment and risk taken. I may have taken too much liberty in this post but I feel it can help articulate for others how many are feeling.
    • SS
      Shanthi S.
      1 April 2022 @ 03:54
      Agree Juan.
    • MG
      Michael G.
      30 March 2022 @ 18:46
      Hi Juan. Thanks for the view above. I think you raise a lot of good points above and I resonate with most of them. As as one of the RV Crypto Pro sub I was expecting getting insider views that gives and edge and educational in nature on more complex crypto topics and leading blockchain innovations or opportunities for us to access to have multiple x upsides. Thusfar it has been a difficult market and hope the remaining 9 months will justify the expensive subs. Could you enlighten me if the NFT has been minted or what the progress is there. It was also one of the USP that tipped me over to do the bolt-on subscriber upgrade in December last year at a time when I was stretched and unprepared to pay for it. Let,s see how the journey unfolds.
  • JM
    Jay M.
    30 March 2022 @ 07:00
    I'm a newbie to crypto investing...about 15 months. I though I'd really learn alot and get investing direction or advice here. Interesting to see so many diss the value of Crypto Pro. Although I don't know much, I don't feel like there's been much value in these first months.
  • JJ
    JW2 J.
    30 March 2022 @ 09:44
    You know....sometimes you try something and it does not work out as planned and that is absolutely fine. My view on Pro Crypto is that is probably needs a re-think. The challenge is that there is so much information available from high quality public sources, that it is almost impossible to add value over and above that body of publicly available knowledge. I am beginning to think that RV should abandon the Pro Crypto sub, or just include it into the Pro Macro sub. Even if Delphi can add value over and above what is publicly available, to me the marginal utility of that value is becoming questionable - whatever they would need to produce would probably become too detailed for my personal information needs (again, this may be completely different for others). I d not think it's Delphi's mission to give investment advise and/or buy&sell tips so whilst this would have some appeal it is not what they are about. And again, you can get plenty of this elsewhere. RV is looking into what is means to maintain, manage, nurture and monetize a community. We are part of that experiment and some of it will work and some of it won't. This is an opinion of one and the RV team needs to take an aggregated look at what people are saying and make some decision as part of the normal course of business. Let's see how this develops.....
  • SM
    Scott M.
    30 March 2022 @ 18:47
    Agree with the other comments. Not sure what I paid for with this subscription. I will not be renewing unless there's a better value proposition.
    • SS
      Shanthi S.
      1 April 2022 @ 03:57
  • JJ
    Julliette J.
    31 March 2022 @ 06:49
    “Last week, year-over-year returns for BTC flipped negative, which indicated most of the pain could be behind us” could tell us what it means and why it flips negative. In this almost empty report dont waiste more words on it.
  • PR
    Prashanth R.
    31 March 2022 @ 16:45
    Unfortunately Pro Crypto so far feels more like a data dump than a 'niche' service. I hope this will change and there will be more value provided that will actually result in positive financial benefits rather than just more information on the 100s of projects out there that doesnt add any value to my portfolio.
  • mc
    mark c.
    31 March 2022 @ 18:41
    the value is in the disclaimer line. the technical views on BTC is interesting, but your drinking to muuch coffee if you trade super high vol products.(better leave it to the machines). if you must trade, check out weston's tweet stream. the second half of the update was awesome. loved the final summary.
  • ZW
    Zhen W.
    3 April 2022 @ 14:14
    I love realvision but crypto pro sub has been an absolute waste of money. For the high price tag, it adds very little value.
  • PT
    Peter T.
    13 April 2022 @ 14:04
    I would prefer video content instead of reading a report like this for a flash update.