The Methods and Madness of Macro Trend Investing

Published on: August 13th, 2021

Eric Crittenden and Standpoint Funds specialize in a systematic investment style that they like to call “macro trend investing” that they also combine with long equity beta. Crittenden’s experience and research have shown that this all-weather approach helps to diversify across asset classes and investment styles to protect investors from the risks of concentration while also providing strong returns. In this interview with Jason Buck, CIO of The Mutiny Fund, Crittenden outlines his rules and reasoning for constructing this portfolio; why, when it comes to systematic investing, robustness beats elegance; and the surprising reality that, if one anonymized the investing options, most people would probably be doing something completely different than they are now. You can learn more about Crittenden and his firm on their website: To get a complete picture of Crittenden’s framework, please use these notes below alongside the actual interview:


  • FD
    Fade D.
    13 August 2021 @ 23:23
    Going above and beyond with the notes. Love it!
  • BT
    Bill T.
    25 August 2021 @ 19:51
    These strategies are way too complicated for retail investors. Retail stands no chance.
    • RM
      Russell M.
      1 September 2021 @ 16:00
      Our just pay the fee to have a pro do the complicated bit for you.