Total Collapse…

Published on: April 27th, 2020

The far-reaching effect of COVID-19 on the global economy is being reflected in the data. We anticipate the economic impact to be violent and reach epic proportions. With many western countries in lockdown, Remi Tetot reports on the newly-released economic data that has been particularly impacted by the COVID-19 breakout during the week.


  • AP
    Aneil P.
    30 April 2020 @ 02:09
    Why do we keep forgetting that the Federal Reserve can just keep printing money infinitely and export the resulting inflation to the world? Yea these MFG/confidence numbers are bad but the worse it is the better it is for the equity markets. It means, fed throws more Bazooka. Unless the world moves over to SDR. A month from now, USA will be saying " What coronavirus"? I heard nothing of that sort. We are seeing 62% retracements from the low. We are almost getting beyond the short/momo money. The longer term money managers are thinking the same. Any comments?
  • EO
    Elena O.
    27 April 2020 @ 15:01
    so what are we shorting? swiss watch makers? MOvado? Credit card companies? Amex? Visa Mastercard? Any other ideas?
    • JS
      Jon S.
      27 April 2020 @ 16:03
      long S&P. The market continues to rise. It is only 15ish% off of all times highs. This is still a bull market.
    • WM
      Will M.
      27 April 2020 @ 17:16
      I think we can safety say Jon S, you are the ultimate contrarian......
    • JS
      Jon S.
      27 April 2020 @ 17:41
      Yes. I am contemplating this position for that exact reason. No one expects the S&P to regain 3000. How about if it actually hits new highs? Imagine the 'headlines' if new highs are achieved?
    • LC
      Lee C.
      27 April 2020 @ 18:32
      I'd say the S&P 500 and financials are a pretty good bet.
    • AP
      ANTHONY P.
      27 April 2020 @ 18:36
      Why is Jon S wrong at this time? Central banks are propping things up left and right and market participants have come back to feed at the trough just as fast. The message is that the markets will ratchet upwards as long as central banks put up enough cash and they've already said they'll put in "whatever it takes." The future may show that central banks are dumping money into a bottomless pit. But, for now, the market participants don't care in the least whether financial policy is tethered to reality. These markets are going up because enough market participants believe they will go up and Jon S is banking it as they do.
    • JS
      Jon S.
      27 April 2020 @ 18:42
      Thanks for the support Anthony!
    • OC
      Otto C.
      27 April 2020 @ 21:07
      Look at history and it's all playing out exactly as it has in the past. The Fed is out of bullets and the rally has already priced in more than the stimulus. It's not true that the FED will print to infinity.
    • TN
      Tobias N.
      28 April 2020 @ 19:34
      I’d say it become a common truth that fed can prop up the prices forever, people started saying “never bet against fed” just like they use to say “never bet against the American economy”
    • JS
      Jon S.
      29 April 2020 @ 20:58
      I just wanted to update everyone. Honestly, this was the most "contrarian" call in my life. After reviewing some old Jerry Seinfeld episodes on Youtube, I came across the George Castanza's "Opposite" episode. In short, everything George did in his life was gut instinct and the results were not what he envisioned. He then postulated if he did the exact opposite of what his instinct told him to do, his life would turn around for the positive. I've been whip sawed so many times in the market, I felt I was due for an opposite call. Thanks for listening.
  • BP
    Barry P.
    27 April 2020 @ 14:49
    Thanks Remi! Excellent weekly capture of global economic statistics in one shot
    • RT
      Remi T. | Founder
      28 April 2020 @ 10:20
      Thanks Barry, trying to keep it simple so its easy to digest
  • JD
    Junaid D.
    27 April 2020 @ 18:10
    Need a better way to display these text files. Reading them in a video frame is not ideal...
    • RT
      Remi T. | Founder
      28 April 2020 @ 10:19
      Hi Junaid, you can always download it, much easier to read then
  • RS
    Ravi S.
    28 April 2020 @ 09:48
    The major Swiss watch companies are actually shut and not producing watches due to virus concerns.
  • SB
    Sulinder B.
    27 April 2020 @ 14:49
    Hi, Just wondering why The Unfolding report is still locked as it is freely available subject to providing an email address. I have done that on 2 occasions without success. If it is available to the general public for an email address should it not be freely available to paying Realvision subscribers? Thanks
    • RK
      Ron K.
      27 April 2020 @ 15:21
      Follow Real Vision on Twitter. They shared it on 5:22 PM · Apr 23, 2020 - that did not work for you?
    • TY
      Tzu Y.
      27 April 2020 @ 19:26
      Did you wait for the file to load for download? It took like 1 minute and abit more for me to see the button to appear.
    • SB
      Sulinder B.
      28 April 2020 @ 06:02
      I tried the link before without success. Having re-tried it,it's worked. Thanks.
  • TD
    T D.
    28 April 2020 @ 02:49
    Any opinion on small caps vs. large cap U.S. stocks? The Russell 2000 has been outperforming the S&P 500 as of late, but I wonder if that trend will be sustainable. It seems like the smaller companies are the ones that are not as well capitalised as the ones in the large-cap indices.
  • mk
    michael k.
    28 April 2020 @ 01:44
    Europe should provide some forward guidance for the US on Covid19. Japan should provide forward guidance to our economic future as we head down the same monetary road
  • RO
    Robert O.
    28 April 2020 @ 00:42
    Re Elena O. Looks to me like the global consumer is shooting almost everything with heavy artillery! Jon S may be onto something, The S&P continues to rise on the back of Trump's $Trillion cheque signing. For Trump signing these cheques is spending other people's money (US tax payer). Sound familiar? Trumps strategy may well be to keep the S&P from crashing until after the election, putting him in a better position for re-election - Trump wins. If he loses the election the incoming Democratic Government is left with a multi $trillion deficit and a very slim chance there won't be a major share market correction during their four year term. Trump can then tweet "This is what happens when you vote Democrat", there by sticking it to the Government and their voters. Trump wins. Am I being too cynical? Thanks for all the great work Remi
  • Sv
    Sid v.
    27 April 2020 @ 21:46
  • BM
    Bryan M.
    27 April 2020 @ 18:12
    Hmmmm...after reading this I need a shot or two of Remi...Martin, that is!