Revenge of the Miners: Green Energy Meets Natural Resources -- Live with Warren Irwin

Warren Irwin, president and CIO of Rosseau Asset Management and one of the most successful natural resources investors of the past few decades, joins Real Vision’s Max Wiethe to discuss why he is investing in uranium, copper, nickel, and metallurgical coal producers as his bet on the green energy trend. Irwin argues that nuclear power will be a necessity to hit emissions targets and the idea that renewables like wind and solar could be relied upon to power humanity is ludicrous as that would require an inconceivable number of batteries. Although he is still bullish on batteries and the electrification trend, he argues that current favorites like lithium and cobalt are respectively too abundant and likely to be phased out of future iterations of battery technology, and he prefers copper, nickel, and metallurgical coal to play this trend. Irwin also highlights some individual companies he is looking at and touches on why he is currently underweight gold and generally against investing in silver.

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