Russell Napier: Growing Wealth in an Inflation Avalanche

If central banks and governments unite to debase their money and depreciate their currency, will the long-awaited inflation finally arrive? And if it does, how can investors position themselves to not only protect their portfolio—but in fact grow their wealth—in this inflationary environment? Russell Napier, preeminent investment strategist, joins Stephen Clapham of Behind the Balance Sheet to answer these two critical questions. Napier makes his case for why inflation is indeed on the horizon, discussing everything from rent controls and yield curve capping to credit rationing and pricing power, and then he and Clapham explore the various investments that have a favorable risk/reward profile should Napier’s thesis prove correct. Filmed on February 4, 2021.

Key learnings: Napier sees favorable opportunities in companies that can secure easy debt financing, value stocks whose pricing power varies with inflation, and countries with low debt-to-GDP ratios such as Singapore.

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