Hackers Pick Thousands of Solana Wallets

Published on
August 3rd, 2022
42 minutes

Hackers Pick Thousands of Solana Wallets

Crypto Daily Briefing ·
Featuring Ash Bennington, Nico Brugge, Ben Whitby, and Anatoly Crachilov

Published on: August 3rd, 2022 • Duration: 42 minutes

Thousands of wallets holding Solana, one of the world’s top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, have been targeted by hackers in an ongoing attack. Initial reports suggested $580 million was stolen, but this estimate has been revised much lower. Still, that security firms still can’t put a figure on how much is at issue is itself a not-good sign. Nico Brugge and Ash Bennington lead today’s Real Vision Crypto Daily Briefing with an update on this developing story. Nico and Ash also talk about the $200 million Nomad cross-chain bridge hack, a change in roles for one of the biggest crypto proponents in the TradFi world, and the lingering impediments to institutional adoption of crypto. Nico and Ash break down a conversation on the latter topic between Ben Whitby, the chief compliance officer at Qredo, and Anatoly Crachilov, the CEO of Nickel Digital Asset Management.