Bringing Traditional Games Into the Metaverse

Published on
July 26th, 2021
46 minutes

“Reading the Soup” as a Crypto VC Firm

Bringing Traditional Games Into the Metaverse

Featuring Gabby Dizon and Piers Kicks

Published on: July 26th, 2021 • Duration: 46 minutes

Creator of the first video game ever produced in the Philippines, Gabby Dizon, co-founder and CEO of Yield Guild Games, is now recruiting traditional game developers to adopt tokenized economies. Joined by Piers Kicks, a member of the investment team at Bitkraft, Dizon gives viewers a rundown on the process by which Yield Guild is tokenizing existing gaming economies and the incentives this creates for both gamers and developers. Axie Infinity, a game which incorporates a proprietary currency and NFTs, is one of YGG's most successful partners, experiencing tremendous success in the growth of their network. The "play-to-earn" model, yielding some Axie Infinity players close to $1000 per month, is especially effective in the Philippines where starting wages are around $200 a month. Filmed on July 12, 2021.