Mad Dog Jones: The Exploding NFT Art Scene

Published on
July 14th, 2021
51 minutes

Immutable X: NFT Technology and the Reengineering of Video Game Economies

Mad Dog Jones: The Exploding NFT Art Scene

Featuring Michah Dowbak and Sergio Silva

Published on: July 14th, 2021 • Duration: 51 minutes

A revolution is underway for digital artists, and Michah Dowbak, NFT artist known as Mad Dog Jones, is at the heart of it, having sold over $18.8 million in artwork. On day three of After the Hype: Reality Sets in for NFTs, Sergio Silva, NFT collector and sales director of Fireblocks, discusses with Dowbak the exploding NFT art scene. While he was able to make a decent living as a professional digital artist, Dowbak’s work, like that of most digital artists, was contracted by larger corporations who then owned the rights to his work. NFTs threw a wrench in this business model. For the first time, digital artists experienced ownership and sovereignty, free to sell pieces at arm’s length to a buyer. A pioneer of the space, Mad Dog is building a community and introducing his “redemption” release style. He and Silva also go in-depth on the rapidly developing communities forming along with new artists and the endless possibilities in the future of NFTs. Filmed on July 6, 2021.