How To Make Sense of All These Inflationary Pressures

Published on
April 1st, 2022
51 minutes

Will Crude Oil Constraints Continue To Drive Inflation?

How To Make Sense of All These Inflationary Pressures

Daily Briefing ·
Featuring Raoul Pal and Maggie Lake

Published on: April 1st, 2022 • Duration: 51 minutes

Real Vision co-founder and CEO Raoul Pal joins Maggie Lake for today’s Daily Briefing to talk about volatility across markets, the economy, and geopolitics. Stocks closed out their first losing quarter in two years on Thursday, and U.S. bonds had their worst three-month period in more than 40 years. The eurozone’s inflation rate jumped to another record high in March. Although prices dipped for the fifth straight day today, crude oil is 44.7% higher than it was a year ago, up 32% in February alone. The U.S. economy once again added more than 400,000 jobs in March and the unemployment rate dropped to 3.6%, but companies across many industries say they’re struggling to find workers. And war continues to rage in Eastern Europe. What’s Raoul’s take? Get your questions ready, and drop them on the Exchange: