The Two-Year Recession

Published on
July 29th, 2022
71 minutes

The Fed Can’t Deliver on Its Promises — With Larry McDonald

The Two-Year Recession

Raoul Pal the Journey Man ·
Featuring David Rosenberg

Published on: July 29th, 2022 • Duration: 71 minutes

A Real Vision favorite returns, as Raoul welcomes back David Rosenberg to follow up on their conversation from late 2021. Raoul and Dave talk about where we are now, including an update on Dave’s recession call, what he thinks about inflation, how the Federal Reserve will react. Raoul also gets Dave’s view on what markets will do and whether he agrees with Raoul’s “buy bonds, wear diamonds” call. As ever, a conversation between Raoul and Dave is a must-watch, even if their views don’t match your own. These are difficult times, and we need to account for all possible scenarios. Recorded on July 28th, 2022.