Good Price Action, Bad Hacks, and NFT LA

Published on
March 29th, 2022
44 minutes

Good Price Action, Bad Hacks, and NFT LA

Real Vision - The Defiant ·
Featuring Camila Russo, Elaine Ly and Robin Schmidt

Published on: March 29th, 2022 • Duration: 44 minutes

Is the crypto bull market back on track? What should we make of the massive Ronin bridge hack? And how is Elaine’s field trip to NFT LA shaping up? The Defiant’s Camila Russo and Robin Schmidt join Real Vision’s Elaine Ly to dig into all that and more. The trio explains how Ethereum’s merge and Terra’s Do Kwon buying Bitcoin as a reserve are driving price action. That’s on top of everything Elaine’s learned from NFT LA, including Jiho’s response to the $600 million Ronin bridge hack. Recorded on March 30, 2022.