Coming up: Gerard Minack and John Hempton

Published on
April 21st, 2019
2 minutes

Coming up: Gerard Minack and John Hempton

The Indicator ·
Featuring Alex Rosenberg

Published on: April 21st, 2019 • Duration: 2 minutes

Coming up this week on Real Vision: Sven Henrich makes the case that central banks have capitulated to equity markets on another exciting “Expert View.” Gerard Minack makes his much-anticipated return to Real Vision in a 60-minute sit down with Matt Milsom. Currency guru Marc Chandler tells us about an opportunity in forex that he’s identified on another episode of “Investment Ideas.” And famed short seller John Hempton shares his recent shorts, his new longs, and discusses everyone’s favorite topic… Tesla! Real Vision editor in chief Alex Rosenberg walks viewers through what they can expect to see over the next week.