How Cannabis Is Going Even More Legit

Published on
February 8th, 2022
54 minutes

Will Dreams of a “Green” Future Lead to a Global Energy Nightmare?

How Cannabis Is Going Even More Legit

Tony Greer Interviews ·
Featuring Livi McKay, Jenni Christman and Tony Greer

Published on: February 8th, 2022 • Duration: 54 minutes

Cannabis is in the midst of a historic transition to legitimacy, exploding out of illegal grow houses and basements and into mainstream American industry and living rooms. Tony Greer, founder of TG Macro and editor of the Morning Navigator newsletter, explores the cutting edge of cannabis with MyTEPI CEO Livi McKay and TerpLife co-founder and “garage scientist gone legit” Jenni Christman. McKay and Christman describe how they’re fulfilling both B2B and consumer demand in a rapidly evolving sector. Christman notes that patient needs remain unmet by current medical cannabis capabilities, while McKay presents a possible solution in the form of a “Bloomberg Terminal” for cannabis. Recorded February 4, 2022.