Taking Advantage of Event-Driven Markets -- Live with Harris Kupperman

Price movements in today’s market are increasingly driven by flows like the short/gamma squeeze that sent GameStop flying. This is creating opportunity for investors, who can recognize the setups and events driving these flows and take advantage of the temporary mispricing. Harris Kupperman, founder and president of Praetorian Capital, has been doing just that at his hedge fund, but he is now sharing his event-driven research in a new, temporarily free product called Kuppy’s Event Driven Monitor. In this interview with Real Vision’s Max Wiethe, Kuppy helps viewers understand exactly what event-driven investing entails, the different types of common and not so common events that investors should be looking out for, and a handful of current opportunities that have him excited. You can sign up for free access to Kuppy’s Event Driven Monitor here: https://kedm.com.

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