Technicals: The Other Side of the Gold Story - Live with Frank Cappelleri

As gold screams ever higher and the equity market approaches pre-COVID highs, many find themselves wondering, first, is this sustainable, and second, how much longer can the music actually keep playing? No doubt, fundamentals have led the charge in raising asset prices, but at a time when policy measures and market capitalization weighting structures of indices undermine macroeconomic realities, it becomes necessary to go beyond the balance sheets and into the charts. For this reason, we’ve invited Tech Trader veteran, and desk strategist at Nomura Instinet, Frank Cappelleri on this week’s Real Vision Live. He’ll be sitting down with Max Wiethe to explore the relationship between equities and precious metals from a technical perspective in an attempt to understand the extraordinary price action seen across the two asset classes since the onset of the virus. Frank’s chart deck –

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