The 2020 Multi-Asset Momentum Market Wrap-Up -- Live with Michael Oliver

Momentum Structural Analysis CEO Michael Oliver returns to join Real Vision’s Max Wiethe and share his observations from the NDX to commodities to Bitcoin. With the end of 2020 rapidly approaching, Oliver indicates where he sees market weaknesses and strengths — whether the NDX is a bull trap, if gold and silver are poised for another rally, and whether Bitcoin still has major upside potential. Oliver also updates his outlook on the energy sector, explains his thoughts on uranium, platinum, and copper, and walks through how evaluates these markets from a technical analyst’s perspective. Plus and Pro members can also find Michael Oliver’s report here: Key Learnings: Technical analysis offers another layer of depth when searching for market signals, and Oliver discusses how the technicals are causing him to reconsider or reaffirm his positions across various asset classes. Seasonal market volatility can be present in the last few weeks of the year and toward the beginning of the next, and technical tools create the type of clarity investors need in such an environment. To access Oliver’s charts, click here:

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