The Dollar Milkshake: If Not Now, When? - Live with Brent Johnson

It could be argued that the USD makes the world go round. More than 70% of all global transactions settle in U.S. dollars, and as the reserve currency of the world, it plays an integral role in everything from economics to politics and international relations. While many have diverging views with respect to the overall direction and status of the currency across all time frames, few have ventured into the profundities of the dynamics behind the USD as much as Brent Johnson. You’ve seen him on Real Vision these past few months interviewing experts ranging from William White on monetary policy and Bernd Ondruch on European banks to Lyn Alden on her contrarian view of a strong USD. Today, however, is all about Brent and the Milkshake theory. Will the USD capitulate, or is it in for the short squeeze of all short squeezes before finally taking its inevitable position in the dust bin of history? That is what we will find out in this week’s segment of Real Vision Live with Brent Johnson and Max Wiethe.

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