The Grand Supercycle Correction

“Be cautious. Be prudent. Own gold.” This is the advice that Robin Griffiths, Head of Multi-Asset Research at T3 Report, RW Advisory, has for investors at this unique juncture of the market cycle. Griffiths warns that the equity market is significantly mispriced and advises that safe haven can be found in government bonds and gold, which he thinks could go to $3,000. Griffiths interprets the narrowness of the current market rally as a sign of its weakness, not its strengths, and explores whether the 1929 crash could serve as a good corollary to today‚Äôs market, as it is quite common for markets to rebound after an extreme sell-off. Filmed on July 16, 2020. Griffith’s report with Ron William, “Own Gold, Sell Equities,” can be accessed here:

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