The Looming Unemployment Crisis in the Exponential Age

Technological progress has the power to unlock human potential by delivering remarkable efficiency; however, by so doing, it can also inflict a severe burden on workers whose jobs are the subject of this disruption. This risk is one which Art Bilger, venture capitalist and founder of WorkingNation, has set out to document and alleviate. In this conversation with Coast Capital founder and chief investment officer James Rasteh, Bilger argues that technological trends such as self-driving cars and 3D printing will displace workers and give rise to an unemployment crisis. Bilger and Rasteh discuss the corrosive knock-on effects for society and the potential steps necessary to prepare for this radical transition. Filmed on May 14, 2021.

Key learnings: Bilger envisions a world in which cashiers are replaced by iPads and truck drivers are supplanted by self-driving eighteen wheelers, and he argues that the modern workforce needs to prepare for the jobs of the future, such as in green energy or healthcare.


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