How to navigate the convergence of macro, digital assets, and tech.

The Exponential Age

Starting Monday, May 10, Raoul is taking over the Real Vision platform with his Global Macro Investor hat on, to explore the fourth industrial revolution that is the Exponential Age.

“It’s going to be a hell of a two weeks. It’s going to blow your mind, and mine. We’re going to learn stuff we never knew. Or maybe my Exponential Age thesis will be proven completely wrong…! We’ll find out – by interviewing big thinkers and innovators to get to grips with how large all of this is…”

We’ll be updating this page every day with the latest installment of The Exponential Age.

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Oh, and we’ve also curated some of the most enlightening content from the Real Vision archives for you to enjoy…


Tech in the Exponential Age

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The Convergence of Macro and Crypto

What's Next?

10+ Mind-Blowing Interviews on The Exponential Age Over 2 Weeks

Here are your (and Raoul’s) guides on this voyage of discovery…

Raoul Pal
Global Macro Investor Founder & CEO Real Vision

He’s unveiling his Exponential Age thesis to the world in conversation with Ed Harrison.

Nitya Sharma
CEO and Founder of Simpl

... On the payments landscape and opportunities in India.

Ajit Pai
Partner, Searchlight Capital & Former Chairman of the FCC

... On digital infrastructure, technology, and media.

Bill Tai
Venture Capitalist

... On the migration of value to the digital world and the many disruptions coming our way.

Aubrey de Grey
Chief Science Officer, SENS Research Foundation

... On medical and genetic science breakthroughs.

Nikolai Ardey
Executive Director, Volkswagen Group Innovation

... On what’s next for Volkswagen’s huge electric vehicles play.

Azeem Azhar
Founder, Exponential View

... On bridging the gap between technology and society.

...and more