Charles Songhurst & Dan Morehead

Published on
16 October, 2015
Technology, Crypto-currencies, Investment Framework
55 minutes
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Charles Songhurst & Dan Morehead

Featuring Charles Songhurst Dan Moorehead

In the much anticipated fourth link of The Chain, private tech investor Charles Songhurst sits down in San Francisco with Dan Morehead, CEO of Pantera Capital for a fascinating look the nuances of investing in Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency disrupting the financial industry. Dan brings a long history of successful macro investment to bear on the fundamentals behind why the Bitcoin revolution may be the biggest tech paradigm shift since the Internet. The discussion also focuses on the range of knock-on effects Bitcoin is having on monetary policy, banking and security, information transfer, and business transactions.

Published on
16 October, 2015
Technology, Crypto-currencies, Investment Framework
55 minutes
Asset class


  • mc

    mark c.

    29 11 2018 00:34

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    Amazon gift cards are MOIP

  • AL

    Anna L.

    25 9 2018 05:46

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    Everything useful he said was about blockchain not about Bitcoin.

  • bs

    bob s.

    18 1 2018 15:09

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    If the cash market by 2020 will be over 200 trillion, meaning assuming the debt does not suck up cash, and cryptos are 1% of the share, cryptos market cap will be 4 times what it is currently. However, since there is no liability against these currencies unlike fiat, and they truly resemble gold; I can envision much higher prices then that, maybe a 10% stake eventually. They like gold and silver are the cryptonite of the current system. Likely to go up in inflation and deflation. How will regulators and failing governments respond? This will get interesting...

    Looks like bitcoin is rapidly loosing share to others that seem likely to catch it. How do we learn more about them? This is the most interesting topic right now. Possibly in 2 years this sector is likely to grow another 10X once all these apps get adopted. Thank you RV

  • MS

    Matt S.

    22 10 2016 18:31

    0       4

    I usually hate the subject of BitCoin when it comes up - I just tune out.

    This interview however was very good. It raised many feelings and questions though. Number 1 being, as others have said, it's the blockchain which is revolutionary, not BitCoin itself. And given that the code is free, what hold does BitCoin have over the blockchain? Other than having "early adopter" status... (and creator)

    In fact, some major banks are now writing their own blockchain software. So why can't Visa? Or Mastercard? Western Union? We have to remember that big banks run the world, there is no way they will let some little upstart take their power from them! No way!

    On the flipside...IF it could gain real traction and momentum in adoption, it would thwart the banks plans for a cashless society and the subsequent ability to instigate NIRP at will. Cash is freedom. Freedom to removes ones savings and hide them under the mattress. Freedom also, to transact without an intermediary.

    It poses the question, what need for banks at all? The blockchain ledger would BE the bank (no interest paid of course but... is it now? Better no interest than negative interest)

    Perhaps the blockchain could be the Western weapon against China's gold hoardings? Perhaps a quantity of BitCoins could become part of the SDR basket?

    Will BitCoin replace gold? I don't think so ever. It's intangible. It's just digits. Other than the blockchain aspect, it's as worthless as paper contracts and paper money. Gold is solid. It's real. It's undeniable. When I hear all this unbounded enthusiasm for BC, one word springs to mind; "folly".

  • PB

    Pieter B.

    8 10 2016 16:42

    1       0

    Fantastic interview! Great questions & answers, very well done. Thanks a lot for both your time. I will recommend this discussion to others. Cheers.

  • NS

    Nico S.

    13 11 2015 22:38

    1       3

    Question:Why own Bitcoin outright? Real opportunity is in the Blockchain protocol?Views on the blockchain uses are spot on-likely losing money on the BC $...hope none of his BC investors on site...

  • JB

    Jeff B.

    9 11 2015 17:55

    2       0

    Yeah, i'd gladly pay 1/10 of a penny to avoid the annoying ads on YouTube et al!! Go micropayments!

  • GC

    Gary C.

    25 10 2015 14:44

    1       0

    Confession: this is the first BTC RealVision video I've watched..aha I get why Blyth is involved. Now I'm "wet my pants" excited. Going to Shopko to try on "Cromudgon Size" Depends later today

  • Bg

    Bradley g.

    22 10 2015 15:42

    3       1

    If Gov's are contemplating a cashless society, why would they permit an escape hatch?

  • mp

    mark p.

    21 10 2015 19:31

    5       1

    No clear differentiation between Bitcoin (the currency) and bitcoin (the blockchain technology). Huge difference. My sense is that most are confusing the two...

  • JD

    John D.

    20 10 2015 11:03

    0       4

    Very flawed analysis on Bitcoin.

  • DC

    Dave C.

    20 10 2015 01:29

    3       1

    I am also puzzled as to both recent bitcoin enthusiasts that have been interviewed on RV pitching the technology as a replacement or competitor for Gold. Really??

  • DC

    Dave C.

    20 10 2015 01:26

    2       0

    Very illuminating - the potential uses for the blockchain sound like an orwellian wet dream. I ponder as to enthusiasm levels if the software authors turned out to be from Google or Microsoft.

  • KJ

    Keith J.

    19 10 2015 12:46

    1       0

    Alexander - no, the complexity of the mining puzzle adjusts as the mining power increases - the goal is to add a new block to the chain every 10 mins.

  • AG

    Alexander G.

    19 10 2015 11:03

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    i might not "get" bitcoin (>40), but aren't you basically taking a bearish view on computing power if you are long BTC?

  • SJ

    Suzanne J.

    19 10 2015 04:37

    2       0

    The Chain is an excellent concept, delivering on all levels. I can't wait to know more! Thanks to all involved.

  • YM

    Yogesh M.

    19 10 2015 01:32

    1       1

    This makes me think of an analogy: Gold mining is a social good.

    I expect some Bitcoin critics to make snide comments about the huge effort spent moving 'bits' in ether space ...

  • GG

    George G.

    18 10 2015 19:02

    2       0

    all the people with money are over 40...when they finally ''get it'' bitcoin will really explode . We won't have long to wait

  • LS

    Lorenz S.

    18 10 2015 13:17

    5       0

    Litecoin transacts in value in CNY 5x more than Bitcoin in USD. Lets see how that single cryptocurrency assumption will play out.

  • dw

    david w.

    17 10 2015 19:01

    1       0

    Is it a coincidence that both bc and Au have triggered a buy against usd in the past week? Another application of the blockchain is for casting your vote in government/provincial/council etc matters.

  • DH

    Dale H.

    17 10 2015 09:25

    8       0

    This has helped me to think again about Bitcoin and associated investments. I'm less negative and looking forward to the next interview. A lot of depth provided. Love the concept of the chain 🌼

  • TH

    Timo H.

    17 10 2015 06:24

    16       0

    A cool bitcoin interview to be followed by another bitcoin interview. Is "the chain" becoming "the blockchain"? :-)

  • BM

    Barry M.

    17 10 2015 03:03

    8       0

    Where where where else can you get this kind of superior quality content ? Nowhere ! Thank you RVTV, making dumb money smart !

  • AR

    Adam R.

    17 10 2015 02:37

    2       0 many uses of the blockchain that I never thought about. Very eye opening.

  • Rd

    Rheece d.

    16 10 2015 22:48

    10       0

    Definitely an insightful view on Bitcoin. I like the acronym MOIP as a simplified explanation for it.

  • GS

    GRANT S.

    16 10 2015 22:42

    6       1

    I sincerely hope he gets Wences Casares on the chain. He is a fantastic bitcoin ambassador . Looking forward to it.

  • MB

    Mike B.

    16 10 2015 20:29

    6       0

    Great questions! The "chain" is a great concept. Just can't say enough about the insights RV provides.

  • db

    don b.

    16 10 2015 16:57

    5       0

    Most excellent dude!

  • TJ

    Terry J.

    16 10 2015 16:28

    14       0

    The most persuasive argument for investing in Bitcoin since Raoul's recommendation about a year ago. Timely and fascinating.

  • tW

    tgwtom W.

    16 10 2015 16:21

    13       0

    Interestingly, this week both Peter Brandt & Morehead said they pay no attention to markets or news in general.They concentrate on their specialty, be it charting or in this case Bitcoin. #useful