Uranium: The Underappreciated Clean Energy Transition Trade - Live with Adam Rodman and Arthur Hyde

Segra Capital Management partner Arthur Hyde, CFA, and founder and portfolio manager Adam Rodman join Real Vision editor Max Wiethe to give an in-depth update on uranium. Hyde and Rodman provide a recap on the recent events in the sector and uranium’s price movement, discuss why this is still a structurally undersupplied market, and share why interest in uranium is increasing. With the presence of COVID-19, they explain the risks that the pandemic poses to the uranium supply and that, despite these supply risks, the demand for nuclear power generation has remained resilient. They also dig into how existing and new nuclear energy will play a role in the secular global trend towards clean energy in light of China’s, Japan’s, and Korea’s recent carbon neutrality pledges. Key Learnings: Hyde and Rodman explore how nuclear power is an underappreciated, yet critical player in the transition to clean energy, and the uranium sector only stands to benefit from this trend. Emphasizing that this transition will take years, they advise that investors should not be as preoccupied with uranium’s price cycle—rather, it’s more beneficial to focus on CapEx as a delayed CapEx cycle leads to sustained high prices in uranium.

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