A Summer Road Trip Across Markets - Live with Mish Schneider

Gold is on a tear, Bitcoin is playing catch up, equities extend their march upwards, and rates continue to fall. How does all this play out? Will stagflation materialize? What are commodities, particularly sugar telling us about inflation expectations? What do all these things mean for the short, medium, and long term? And above all, how can we trade this wild market? This is where fan favorite Mish Schneider comes into the picture. She will be sitting down with Max Wiethe in this week’s segment of Real Vision Live to update us on market conditions through the lens of her modern economic family while breaking down how participants should be thinking about allocating capital during these times of heightened volatility across asset classes. For access to charts from the session please go to – https://rvtv.io/2P4W9S7

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