Trading Strategy with Peter Brandt

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Welcome to Trading Strategy with Peter Brandt

With 40 years of experience, Peter Brandt is a legend in the trading world. In this course, you will learn what has made Peter so successful over such a long period despite the many setbacks. Here are some of the things you will learn.


Technical Analysis

Learn what charts can tell you and what they can’t. Peter will show you the major pattern formations he looks for and the crucial ability to spot false breakouts.


Risk Management

Learn the risk management principles that have helped Peter survive as a trader throughout his 40-year career.


Human Element

Learn how Peter manages his emotions to maintain his edge as a trader.

A Life in Charts

Peter Brandt is a classical chartist and a trading legend, in the foreign exchange and futures markets since 1975. In this exclusive five-part series, Peter shares his knowledge and the lessons he has learned, to develop a framework to trade successfully with chart-based analysis. In Episode 1, Peter takes Raoul Pal through his fascinating life story, from how he discovered charts and the importance of risk management, to the mentality of markets and what they can teach you about yourself. This series was originally filmed in 2017.