Oh Crap, Are We Old Now?…

Welcome to Real Vision’s Birthday Month

Seven years ago this month, 4 Co-Founders turned the lights on at “Real Vision Television.” It’s been a hell of a ride, and it’s all thanks to you – because as a company, as a community, as an idea – we don’t succeed if you don’t.

And that’s why September is a month-long celebration of you.

So, what does that look like?

It looks like special events…

It looks like the return of classic Real Vision guests…

It looks like a month of giveaways and discounts and watch parties and…

Well, it looks like a little bit like this:

Some of What’s Happening (Lots More to Come…)

September 1

Raoul’s Birthday Daily Briefing
Watch back.

September 6

Hugh Hendry and his Tokenization Odyssey
Watch Back.

September 9

Real Vision Pro’s Insider Talks with Raoul and Julian free to all members

September 10

Classic Real Vision Guest: Lakshman Achuthan with Raoul Pal

September 13

Classic Real Vision Guest: Mike Green in Conversation with Louis Vincent Gave

September 14

Classic Real Vision Guest: Kyle Bass interviews Perth Tolle

September 14

Raoul Pal “Ask Me Anything Session (Pro members) Join to chat

September 17

Crypto Gathering 2021.5 – A virtual update like no other

September 20

Julian Brigden “Ask Me Anything” Session (Pro members) Join to chat

September 22

Classic Real Vision Guest: Denise Shull and Dr. Gio Valiante

September 24

Daniel Kahneman in Conversation with Josh Wolfe – released to all members on the Real Vision platform

September 27

Classic Real Vision Guest: Alex Gurevich in conversation with Raoul Pal

September 28

Classic Real Vision Guest: Marc Cohodes and Joe Besecker

September 29

Classic Real Vision Guest: David Rosenberg in conversation with Raoul Pal

September 30

Real Vision Party in New York

End of Month Celebration(s…!)

Lots to be announced…

All Month

Frequent updates on The Big Question: The Booming Business Cycle – Can It Last?

7 Years of the Greatest Community in Finance

The comments from you lot over the years have warmed even Milton’s wooden heart. It’s impossible to choose favorites but we’re sharing some of the all-time greats here.
Want to add to it? Tell us your Real Vision story at essential@realvision.com and be in with a chance to win free Real Vision Pro for life…

There is no other service of the uniqueness and quality of Real Vision.

– Peter Brandt

“Raoul, THANK YOU!!! You and your great team at Real Vision have simply made me more money than anyone else I have ever come across… Anyone who doesn’t subscribe to RV is crazy. It’s my home base on the internet.”

– Joel H.

“I truly believe that the public utility Real Vision is providing is more important than ever in today’s world.”

– Chris S.

“Every minute spent away from Netflix to watch Real Vision is a step closer to financial freedom. Sorry Netflix, don’t think I’ll be coming back anytime soon.”

– Tapan H.

“I know that if I had not found your service/insights, I would have definitely had a huge amount wiped out in the pending crash… A huge thanks.”

– Phil W.

“Easily the best subscription I have. No question in my mind.”

– Seth H.

Real Vision changed my life and am proud to be one of the first members when you started.” 

– JNTrader

“Real Vision has been an inspiration for all independent financial media. Thank you for blazing the trail.”

– Thomas G.

“I found the RV community in early 2020: it not only saved my financial future but gave me hope.”

– Dean F.

“The best experience I have had with any media provider – actually any company – period. This is actually a group that cares about what they are doing and value accountability, not just the dollar.”


“Been subscribed to Real Vision since early 2018, and it has been a phenomenal compass with which to wade through all the bullsh*t. The next generation appreciates everything you [do].”

– Alex D.

“For guys like me that didn’t go into finance out of college, Real Vision is the best thing out there if you want to learn.”

– Radigan C.

“Real Vision is an absolutely incredible resource… I only wish I discovered it earlier… RV is saving people from losses and positioning them for generations if they simply just pay attention.”

– Oscar G.

“Your success is our success.”

– Jason F.

“Becoming a Real Vision partner was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Your passion and dedication has inspired me to get out and start my own business and take my financial future into my own hands.”

– Christopher P.

“What I get from RV has literally changed my life. I have upgraded my lifestyle massively, in large part thanks to what I get from RV. Your guests, what they say, how they say it, when listened to openly and in the right context, is invaluable and that is an understatement.”

– Greg C.

We’ve Come a Long Way…

When Raoul, Damian, Grant and Remi dreamed up Real Vision, they wanted to change the world with a video channel. To blow the doors off the vault of financial information kept from the public… To be the antidote to the 2-minute soundbites finance was relegated to on mainstream outlets… To bring truth in finance to the masses.

Lofty ambitions, yes. Of course, it didn’t go to plan immediately – the platform promptly fell apart when it was switched on, because it only worked on one browser that basically no one had.

But even before that, they had a trailer, and a mission…

All-Time Classic Real Vision Conversations

What Real Vision interview do you think deserves to be called an All-Time Classic? Let us know at essential@realvision.com

All-Time Classic Real Vision Conversations

What Real Vision interview do you think deserves to be called an All-Time Classic? Let us know at essential@realvision.com

Save on an Upgrade… For the Whole Month of September

This isn’t a “buy now or miss out forever!!!!” type of thing. For the whole month of September, you can get a discount on upgrading your Real Vision membership.

So if you’ve been thinking about leveling up your membership, September is a good time to do it (and here is the place to do it).


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