RV Blog Bennington: Crypto Can Change the World

Bennington: Crypto Can Change the World

Your Real Vision Daily Briefing for July 1, 2020

Editor Max Wiethe joins senior editor Ash Bennington to debrief Real Vision’s Crypto Gathering conference.

  • Real Vision’s Crypto Gathering Conference presents a broad cross section of people, topics, and subject matter intensity for everyone from the newbie to the sophisticated investor.
  • Despite being a relatively new concept, crypto prime brokerages are really taking off in the space, which is paving the way for institutional investors.
  • People view crypto as a hedge against downturns and think this may be a defining moment for the asset class, but it’s still a very young and very small space.


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Max Wiethe joined senior editor Ash Bennington to debrief Real Vision’s Crypto Gathering conference during today’s Daily Briefing. During the interview, Ash shared insights from some of the panels he participated in and recommended content for viewers to seek out.

Bennington said that the nearly three dozen pieces of content Real Vision produced for the series offers a wide range of perspectives and subject matter, from “101” type overviews to deeper dives into technical and markets perspectives to content for sophisticated investors that highlight the investment and trading opportunities in the digital asset space.

One aspect of the current environment he found particularly interesting is the emergence of crypto prime brokerages. Bennington said he sees this as a coming of age story for the asset class, as prime brokerages bring the sophisticated services institutional investors require in the traditional space to the crypto market.

One of the most significant advantages for crypto investors is that prime brokers offer best execution, which is more complicated to achieve in the crypto space that the traditional one. They also provide custody services, key management, and API access, which Bennington said takes crypto into a level of stability that institutional investors can access and feel comfortable with.

Many people view cryptocurrency as a hedge against downturns and think the current economic crisis may be a proving ground for the asset class, but Bennington stopped short of saying crypto is some sort of panacea.

There’s a lot of energy around the asset class because it is a new and emergent technology that provides potential for parabolic upside growth, but it’s still incredibly early, and let’s not forget that this is very new and very small asset class.

Crypto can change the world, he said, but we’re very early in the revolution and there’s lots of change that may still be to come.