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The Exchange: Feature Updates

We have a couple exciting new feature announcements on The Exchange that will help organize your experience. You may have noticed our new Key Topics on the main feed to help you find great content. We are also rolling out Exchange Badges for members who would like to become official contributors.

Key Topics

We know the feed can be overwhelming and it is sometimes hard to find key resources and content within an exchange or on the main page. We have now added “key topics” to the left side menu. When you click on any one of them, you are brought to a page where you will see all posts that have been tagged with that topic, so you don’t have to worry anymore about missing out on great content. If your post is relevant to one of these topics make sure to tag it with that topic so it will show up on the page as well.

We will continue to add to the list, but we want to keep it simple and focused on the content most important to you.


We want to recognize exchange experts and top contributors to the exchange who are looking to step up even more on this journey with us. These are the badges we are rolling out this week; click the FAQ link below for more details on badges.

         = Member of the Real Vision Team

   = Financial Expert

         = Significant Contributor and non-financial subject matter expert

 = Content Driver of an individual Exchange

CLICK HERE for more information

Stayed tuned for more product updates, we have a few other great additions to your exchange experience coming soon.