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Available Now: The Next Big Trade Podcast

The Next Big Trade Podcast

Back in 2012, I was at a bar in Manhattan for happy hour with a good friend of mine, Rich Berthiaume.

Rich is an excellent trader, and he’s probably the best technician I know. I bought the first round (two beers and a dozen oysters) and asked him if he had any good trade ideas.

“Yeah,” he said. “I got one for you. It’s the most insanely bullish chart I have ever seen. You have got to buy this stock.” I said, “Tell me more.”

Rich told me it was a company that built electric cars. I scoffed at him.

“Electric cars are dumb,” I said. “They don’t save the planet because you lose 40% of the energy in converting hydrocarbons to electricity.”

And that’s the tale of how I managed to completely ignore one of the biggest stock stories of all time.

If I’d bought $100,000 worth of it, I’d be telling you this story from my Caymans beach house. But truth be told, I’d never have bought $100,000. And, even if I’d bought a big position, I would have almost definitely sold out way too soon.

Because it’s not enough to know something is a good idea. You have to have conviction, a vision of what the trade might potentially be, and how much you should back it.

Everyone has a story about the one that got away — the big opportunity that could have changed your life if only you’d have been smart enough to find it and bold enough to grab the opportunity with both hands.

But how do the market pros go about finding that next big trade?

Well, that’s precisely what this podcast is about: Finding the next big trade!

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Every week, I’ll discuss opportunities for life-changing trading with market pros who really think their idea might be The Next Big Trade.

Join me, and let’s see if we can have a little fun discussing what could be some life-changing opportunities.

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