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The Exponentialist is a new, premium research service detailing the profound changes that exponential technologies are about to inflict on the world.

From household robots to AI-managed energy grids, “intelligence abundance” is on the way.

Here’s an excerpt of the inaugural essay from the Exponentialist.

Are you looking to take your trading up a notch? Here’s how understanding DeMark indicators can help you judge the market’s next move.

In this issue, we’ll cover 2 things:

— DeMark indicators — what they are and who uses them.
— How you can apply a DeMark TD Sequential strategy.

Do you know how to read the charts? For many investors, understand the basics of technical analysis is key to navigating markets.

In this issue, we’ll cover 3 things:

— How to identify a trend in price.
— Using momentum for entries and exits.
— Understanding support and resistance levels.

We’re celebrating our twentieth issue with a roundup of everything we’ve learned in the Game of Investing so far.

Whether you’ve been with us since Day 1 or only just subscribed, it always pays to revisit the building blocks of finance.

In the quest for sustainable market success, it really all comes down to how you make decisions.

In this issue, we’ll cover 3 things:

— The pros and cons of a rules-based trading system.
— Why some investors prefer a discretionary trading system.
— How to personalize a strategy that fits your unique goals and mindset.

Global macro can be intimidating at first glance, but it’s the framework used by some of the best minds on Real Vision… Let’s try to understand why.

In this issue, we’ll cover 3 things:

— How a global macro strategy differs from other techniques.
— The key to forming your macro investing strategy.
— How macro traders “express” their views.

“Some of the biggest market events are around the release of economic data,” says Jamie McDonald. “And if time is our most valuable commodity, you need to know which macro data matters so you don’t waste yours.”

In this issue, we’ll cover 3 things:
– The basics of macro — and why it matters to markets
– The differences between surveys and hard data
– The macro data that you need to know

We’re back for Part 2 of our lesson on the business cycle with Real Vision co-founder and CEO, Raoul Pal.

In this issue, we’ll cover 3 things:
– Measuring the business cycle
– A powerful new secular regime driving markets
– Unlocking the new-look business cycle for investors

We’re buckling up for Part 1 of one of the most important lessons for any investor — the importance of the business cycle — with Real Vision co-founder and CEO, Raoul Pal.

In this issue, we’ll cover 3 things:
– Secular trends and themes that drive economic growth.
– Spotting new secular opportunities.
– The magic formula that powers global GDP.

We’re peeling back the curtain on one of the most important spectrums of investing to help answer the question: “What type of investor are you?”

Our expert today is Jamie McDonald, former hedge fund trader and host of this Investor Masterclass.

In this issue, we’ll cover 3 things:
– The value of experience and discovering what works for you.
– Fundamental analysis — how it works and why it’s successful.
– Technical analysis — charting the course to market returns.


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