Jeremy Grantham looks at the regression in the U.S. among the rest of the world, where we are lagging in the need to green the economy and why venture capital is an area to look for growth.

Dave Metzner explains what policy we can expect with a divided government, the response to COVID and anti-trust suits against big tech.

Mike Green and Louis Vincent Gave deep dive into growing U.S. vs China economic battles. who is positioned to lead in the future? How is C.Y.A. undermining growth and causing risk aversion in Western society.

U.S. retail spending rising above pre-pandemic levels, Rent the Runway closing physical locations, and more.

Here are today’s biggest headlines, including updates on Gold’s recent rally, the stock market frenzy in China, and Bill Ackman’s blank-check IPO

Here are today’s biggest headlines, including updates on China, COVD-19, the Fed retreating from the repo front lines, and retailers in trouble.

Your weekly market coronavirus update from Real Vision. Read how coronavirus slammed into the United States like a hurricane, affecting the global economy.