The Crypto
Gathering 2023

Is it game on?

July 10—14

An Online Mini-Glastonbury for Digital Assets

Crypto markets are looking up. But is this just more hopium, or is it really game on?

And if it is game on, how should you position yourself for (shhh… don’t scare it away) the bull market?

We’re glad you asked.

The Crypto Gathering is taking over the Crypto Daily Briefing from July 10-14.

Over 5 days, we’ll bring in a crew of rock-star analysts and builders to discuss what lies ahead for crypto.

We also want to hear from YOU.

So, we’ll be hosting interactive sessions like daily Twitter Spaces, Discord hangouts, a special Degen Happy Hour, and a bunch of other stuff.

As Raoul put it, “Think of it as a mini-Glastonbury.”

TL;DR… It’s festival season, the Crypto Gathering is back…!

“Take a front seat and see tomorrow’s world before it gets there.”

— Alexander M.

Amazing, insightful, and informative event. I will be re-watching many of the sessions. Huge thanks to Real Vision. Is it 2023 yet?

— HumanAvatar

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+ You

The Agenda

July 10

On Real Vision — 12pm ET:
The Crypto/Macro Set-Up

with Raoul Pal

Twitter Spaces — 1pm ET

RV Bijan, Money Penny, and the Real Vision Community

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July 11

Live on Real Vision — 12pm ET:
Let’s Ask the Analysts

Will Clemente, Rekt Capital, and Kyle du Plessis, with Ash Bennington

Live on Real Vision — 8pm ET:
Pro Crypto Technical Trader

Benjamin Cowen, with Ash Bennington

(exclusively for Pro Crypto & Pro All Access)

Twitter Spaces — 5pm ET

RV Bijan, Money Penny, and the Real Vision Community

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July 12

Live on Real Vision — 12pm ET:
What It Means For NFTs and Web3

Ovie Faruq, Mando, and EB7, with Sergio Silva

Degen Happy Hour: Asia Edition — 9pm ET

with Elaine Ly

Twitter Spaces — 1pm ET

RV Bijan, Money Penny, and the Real Vision Community

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July 13

Live on Real Vision — 12pm ET:
How Are Hedge Funds Positioning Themselves?

Richard Galvin, Jeff Dorman, and Chris Sullivan, with Ash Bennington

Twitter Spaces — 5pm ET

RV Bijan, Money Penny, and the Real Vision Community

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July 14

Live on Real Vision — 12pm ET:
Tying it All Together

Ovie Faruq, with Raoul Pal

On Real Vision — 3pm ET:
Raoul's Adventures in Crypto

Keith Grossman, with Raoul Pal

Twitter Spaces — 1pm ET

RV Bijan, Money Penny, and the Real Vision Community

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The Line-Up

Raoul Pal

Founder & CEO GMI
& Co-Founder & CEO Real Vision

Keith Grossman

Moon Pay

Sergio Silva

Sales Director

Ovie Faruq

aka OSF
Co-Founder, Artist & Angel Investor

Rekt Capital

Crypto Trader &

Richard Galvin

Digital Asset Capital Management

Will Clemente

Reflexivity Research

Benjamin Cowen

Newsletter Writer
Into The Cryptoverse

Ash Bennington

Crypto Editor & Host
Real Vision

Elaine Ly

Crypto Editor & Host
Real Vision

Chris Sullivan

Co-Portfolio Manager and Co-Founder
Hyperion Decimus

Jeff Dorman


And more...


Previously, the Crypto Gathering was available exclusively to Real Vision members. This year, we’ve made it free for everyone.

What's Included?

  • Live Access on Real Vision
    Watch each day’s sessions on Real Vision.
  • Interactive Sessions
    Bounce a question off an expert during on-air Q&As.
  • Watch When You Want
    Every session is recorded, so if life or work gets in the way, you’ll still be able to catch up.
  • Afterhours Chat
    We’ll go live each day on Twitter Spaces with a different theme, big ideas and fun conversations.
  • Join the Hive Mind
    Connect with thousands of investors and thinkers in our Discord. It’s the place where the Hive Mind hangs out while exchanging ideas and insight.
  • Access to the Crypto Daily Briefing
    Cut through the noise and make informed decisions with Real Vision’s free Crypto Daily Briefing — the most insightful crypto news and analysis around.

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Crypto Gathering 2023

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What the Hive Mind Say

If you’re into crypto and how the space might develop you have to be listening to the amazing Crypto Gathering on Real Vision. It’s like a window into institutional thinking on crypto, the economy, and how this might all play out…

Emma T.

Real Vision, Raoul, I’m supposed to be working but I spent the entire day listening in to this amazing set of speakers… Bravo to you sirs.


I love these guys, great energy, great hope, pro-momentum. Don't worry, people, just have patience and know that we are in on something big here.

Lemony S.

Congratulations Real Vision!! This was an absolutely and incredibly mind-blowing few days... really exciting and inspiring.

Benjamin E.

So many incredible speakers today! You guys are killing it! Think I’m going to be running around all day with my AirPods in, pretending to be present IRL, when in fact, I’m in the metaverse at the Crypto Gathering.

Sofia V.

Thank you to everyone who made this an unbelievable event. More knowledge share than anywhere else on the planet (or the metaverse).

Kevin H.

Frequently Asked Questions

No worries — a recording will be available shortly after every session.

Yep, for the first time ever, Crypto Gathering is available for free to everyone.

You can check each day to view the latest or upcoming sessions, or just enter your email address and we’ll keep you up-to-date on what’s happening during the week.

Nope. Every recording will be available on the Real Vision website.

(We’ll also have the transcripts for you after each session — usually available the next morning).

Happy to help…!

Send them to us at

About the Crypto Gathering

In June 2020, it all started with the goal of helping everyone (not just insiders) understand the space, where it’s headed, and how we can prepare for what lies ahead.

So we dreamed up this unique experience and, in just 15 days, put together the first Crypto Gathering.

Now here we are in 2023, with the most accessible Crypto Gathering yet…

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