How I Lost My Crypto Virginity

Mark Yusko, Mike Novogratz, Anthony Pompliano and Raoul Pal share their crypto lightbulb moment. Whether your lightbulb moment was years ago or is yet to happen, this is unmissable watching. Filmed at Real Vision’s Crypto Gathering in June 2020.

Dan Morehead in Conversation with Dan Tapiero

Pantera Capital CEO and Co-CIO Dan Morehead and DTAP Capital Founder and 10T Holdings Co-Founder Dan Tapiero share their current views of markets in a COVID-19 world, and discuss how investors should approach crypto. Filmed at Real Vision’s Crypto Gathering in June 2020.

Reinventing The Monetary System With Decentralized Finance

Alex Saunders, CEO and founder of Nugget’s News, joins Real Vision CEO, Raoul Pal, to explain the reinvention of the monetary system through new crypto payments systems based on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and stable coins… Filmed in September 2020.

Bitcoin And Time: The Economics Of Absolute Scarcity

Just what is this bitcoin stuff anyway? An absolute masterclass from Robert Breedlove, CEO and CIO of Parallax Digital, on bitcoin, its value and uses, and its future. Filmed in August 2020.


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