Dario Perkins: Rebooting the Fiscal Software

Dario Perkins, managing director of macro at TS Lombard, argues that we are seeing a global regime shift in economic policy from monetary dominance to fiscal dominance. In this interview with Real Vision managing editor Ed Harrison, Perkins explains how this change will have wide-ranging implications for economies and financial markets. He sees Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) as instrumental as the “software” for making this shift possible. But although he welcomes change, Perkins believes the endgame for this structural break is inflation. In the medium-term, that will mean greater economic growth, gently rising bond yields, and a return to value over growth in equity markets. But eventually, down the line, inflation will set in. Perkins believes gold is the hedge for that outcome. Filmed on April 29, 2021. For more on Dario Perkins’ background, click here: https://www.tslombard.com/dario-perkins. TS Lombard’s website can be found here: https://www.tslombard.com/.

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