Disintermediation: The Impact of Technological Change on Markets

Charles McGarraugh, chief strategy officer of Blockchain.com, joins Michael Nicoletos, co-founder & CIO of AppleTree Capital, to discuss the crypto markets, macro, current structural volatility, and the applications of blockchain. McGarraugh goes into detail about the impact of technological change on market structures and the importance of hard assets, such as Bitcoin during times of structural change. He touches on the risks of a fully digital financial system and the risk of Bitcoin being disrupted by another technology. Filmed on October 27, 2020. Key Learnings: Blockchain is a disintermediating technology, and as it gains more widespread adoption, the more traditional markets are at risk of being disrupted. Markets react to technology, and McGarraugh explains that there are tremendous benefits to those who embrace this disintermediating technology. Don’t be left behind – this video helps viewers understand what crypto is vs what crypto does.

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