Enabling Enterprise Adoption: Pushing Crypto into the Mainstream

Gilbert Verdian, CEO and founder of the Quant Network, joins Santiago Velez, co-founder & R&D Division Lead for Block Digital, to discuss the Quant and Overledger projects and the problems they were built to help solve. Verdian has a wealth of experience in cybersecurity for enterprise and details how he used this experience to build out standards to make blockchains interoperable. He sees the key hurdle for enterprise adoption of blockchain tech being the lack of interoperability between the new systems and the legacy systems and shares how Quant and Overledger helps to overcome that roadblock. Filmed on October 14, 2020. Key Learnings: For large scale enterprise adoption of blockchain to occur, these enterprises need the various crypto projects to interoperate with each other and with the legacy systems – Quant and Overledger present a solution to this. Knowing how these projects solve this problem deepens our understanding of how mainstream adoption may eventually be achieved, giving investors a framework to comprehend the barriers to adoption and the value that a solution to the problem may hold.

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